Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Markle the Elf

Did Santa send an Elf on the Shelf to your house?  He sent one here!  For the past two years, Markle (rhymes with Sparkle), has been visiting our house.  He is a pretty tame elf compared to others.  I do have a feeling he will be getting into some trouble in the near future.  There have been whispers of snow in the air.  This year I am trying to get a collection of pictures of him and his antics. 

He typically shows up right after the tree is decorated.   Interesting how that seems to happen.  ;)

I enjoy having him here.  Not only does it give me a chance to threaten Santa not coming on a regular basis, but it also gives the kids something to look forward to every morning.  Aidan runs downstairs every day trying to find Markle first.  

So here are some pics of Markle!  Do you have any surprising places that you have found your elf?

Day one.  Markle arrives and hide on the pot rack.  Looks like I should have given him something to dust with.

Today Markle decided to sit in my wreath.  I was not very excited about this one. Luckily he didn't squish my wreath too bad.  He sat rather gently.  That wreath took forever to make!

This is my favorite.  The colors just popped this morning!  That is our lovely fake Christmas tree he is perched on.  He seems to have a case of monkey love.

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