Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Day of Thanks

It seems all bloggers are expected to write about Thanksgiving and what they are thankful for.  I have a lot to be thankful for.  The roof over my head, family, friends, yadda yadda.  The traditional stuff you hear all the time.

Today though is a toughy for me.  A year ago on Thanksgiving my middle kiddo, Nate, had a seizure.  This was his second seizure.  His first was the day before my anniversary last year, October 8th.  That was a fun anniversary.

So.  Last year started like any other awesome day.  Eric was home.  We decided to keep the kiddos at home instead of going to the parade.  Nate still had a bit of a cough and the idea of taking him out in the cold just wasn't something I wanted to do.

So Eric and the kiddos played in the backyard while I got lunch ready.  I made all the required foods: turkey, potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, etc.  Nate came in and passed out on the couch.  We thought nothing of it.  He played hard on the swingset in the backyard.  

Around noon I had everything ready and we sat down to eat.  Nate is the worlds pickiest kid and we knew he wouldn't eat any of what I made, so we decided to let him nap.  Right when we got ready to eat, literally the fork in my hand, Eric and I looked at each other.  There was some weird clicking noise coming from the living room.  I thought it was the tv or some toy going crazy.   Eric went in there and yelled to me that Nate was having a seizure.   

Hardest thing ever.  Seriously.  Eric took him to the other couch and was holding him in his arms on his side and stroking his head.  I spazzed and called 911 and freaked out on the phone until the ambulance got there.  By the time they showed up it had stopped.  It was a short one.  Less than a minute but felt like an eternity.  I talked to the ambulance people and they said that they could take him if I wanted them to.  I replied hell yes.  Then we got in the ambulance.  Nate was on a stretcher and crying.  Eric was going to bring the others to the hospital in a bit.

He was coming to at this point and just kept crying and freaking out.  When I asked him why he just kept saying he didn't want me to leave him. Hardest thing I have ever heard in my life.  I kept telling him that I would never leave him  Ever.

We got to the hospital and he didn't want to be wheeled in on the bed so I carried him inside.  This was when he decided to throw up down my back.  Fun times.

We were there most of the day, Eric showed up later.  They found nothing wrong other than a cough.  He didn't have a fever at this point.   He was hot as crap at home, but he was under a blanket so we weren't sure if he had a fever or if it was just that. 

We were prescribed some Diastat, which is an emergency rectal seizure medication and told to see our regular doctor the next day.  We did and since this one was not a fever induced seizure she referred us to a neurologist.  We saw her the next week and had a sleep deprived EEG and there was a TINY weird blip, but since I had seizures as a kid she decided to do a 24 hour EEG.  Thank God she did.  There were bunches of abnormal spikes.  

Nate is now technically an epileptic.  He has been on meds since and has not had a single seizure since!!!

So I guess you can say that I am SUPER thankful for my Nate.  Everyday I am SO thankful that I have him here.  EVERY day.  Just thinking about what could have been kills me.  I am also SO thankful for his neurologist.  If it wasn't for her and her decision to do the 24 hour EEG and check him out, this last year could have been much worse.

So here is to another year seizure free!

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