Thursday, December 6, 2012

The dresser remake!

We FINALLY got a new TV about a week ago.  Our TV was SO old.  When you have kids constantly pulling the av cords in and out of the front of the TV to plug in video games the plugs get loose.  Do you know what happens when those get loose?  I do!  The TV sporadically changes channels by itself.  Humorous at first, but when you are watching a show and you have to keep pausing it because your TV is flipping channels...annoying.

Another fun thing that happens is the sensor go bad.  What does this mean?  You can't change the channel OR the volume with the TV remote.  Also, your DVR remote won't work with the TV.  So every time the TV changes channels, you have to get up to switch the TV back to the DVR channel so you can watch TV.

ALSO...sometimes when you change the channel on the TV by pushing the buttons, the volume can go up or down.  Same thing with the volume.  Want to change the volume, it may change, it might turn the channel.

Anyway, you aren't here to read about the TV.  The TV is gone.  YAY!  We now have a nice pretty flat screen on the wall.  Our old TV was a 32" (I think) and was in a HUGE entertainment center.  The new TV is 42".  So it wouldn't fit.  We moved the entertainment center into the study, and had to get something new for the TV.  Not for the TV to go on, since it is on the wall, but something to put video games in.

TV stands are expensive.  Off to Pinterest I went.  I saw this tutorial and fell in love.  I love the idea, I love the color.  I loved everything.  Off to Craigslist Eric went and he found this:

First thing I noticed when Eric brought it in was that is smelled like smoke.  YUCK.  Second was the horrible drawer pulls on top.  They are ceramic.  Not TOO bad, but not my style.  So I knew those had to go.  I was thinking sparkly.

I went through the drawers just to check them out and make sure they were OK and to my surprise I found a pair of socks and a pair of women's boy shorts underpants.  They were blue.  Nate saw them and screamed "Mine!!" and came running to get them.  To which I screamed "nooo!!!!" and scared the crap out of him.  Then into the trash they went.  Seriously people, if you are going to sell stuff, check out behind the drawers first.  We all know stuff gets behind them.

The gang and I headed to Lowe's to get paint.  While we were there we talked to the paint lady and found out that if you get a certain primer you don't need to sand over some finishes!  SCORE!  I knew if we had to sand, it would still be in the garage. 

This is that magic primer.  She knew what color we were painting the dresser and she tinted our primer grey.  This is what the tutorial suggested as well.   We only got a quart, which was PERFECT.  I still have some left over. 
I liked our paint lady.  She was awesome.  We ended up getting Allen + Roth paint in the color Catwalk.  I forgot to take a picture of that.  We bought a gallon it was WAY too much.  I need to paint something else now. 

So with the dresser we removed all hardware and I painted the dresser two coats with the primer.  I made sure to paint inside the edge just a bit.  The blog made a good point about painting inside the edge a bit.  That way you won't see the ugly inside when the drawer is open.

 After two coats were done I painted two coats of the paint.  The only  roll brush I had was a high nap one for decks.  I think it added a nice texture and helped the paint to go on smoothly.  I used a brush for the first coat of paint and then the roller for the second.  Gave it a nice coverage.

For the brass drawer pulls, I was fine with them, but they were gross.  So I went to Walmart and bought some spray paint in a gloss and white.  I honestly have no idea how many coats of paint I used.  I kept spraying and spraying.  If you do this make sure to flip the handle to the top and bottom for every coat!  The handle was the HARDEST thing to paint.  For some reason it repelled the paint.  The paint would separate on the handle.  I probably did ten coats...literally.

Here is the final result of the drawer pull.  Sorry to make this all "Ooohhh....what will the dresser look like?" But I have some friends on Facebook I have been teasing about this and I am trying to drive them bonkers.  Hi Melinda and Holli!!

The top drawers, with the ugly ceramic flower pulls had to be changed so I headed to Anthropologie, per my husbands suggestion, and found some cute glass pulls!  If your husband suggests shopping there, never turn it down.  This is a rare occurrence.
Ooohhh...Can you picture it yet?

TA DA!!!  The completed dresser!  Was it worth the wait?  I think so!  I didn't finish it with anything.  The paint seems sturdy enough and I have a ton left over for touch ups.  I did let it sit for a day before use, so hopefully that helped. 

Side view!
You must forgive me for the show on the TV.  I just needed sound while writing this.  No judging.  The girl is sleeping upstairs.    We need to get one of those strips to hide the wires in.  I looked up online how to sink a wire in the wall and it looks to be too tricky since it is an outside wall.  Lots of insulation to deal with.

Well there ya go!  I hope you like my dresser and the wait was worth it.  :)  Until next time!