Sunday, February 10, 2013

Natey Naters Turns 5

My Nate turned 5 on Friday.  I find this amazing.  I was telling my friends on Facebook the other day how a year and a few months ago, Nate had no friends at school.  He couldn't be understood well, so he didn't talk to lots of people.  He was hyperactive and LITERALLY ran circles around his room at preschool.  He started having seizures.  We had to pull him out because it wasn't worth it.

Now my guy is introducing me to his friends at school and inviting others over.  His craziness is under control with his ADHD meds, and no more seizures, also due to meds.  When I got his first RSVP from a school friends I literally teared up while driving down the road.  It made me SO happy to know that he has friends.  Two little kids from school came to his party and he was over the moon about it.

This year Nate requested a robot themed party.  I don't know if you ever shopped for robot themed party supplies, but I will save you the time and effort.  You can't find any.  I looked online, I looked in stores, nothing.  Not even a robot plate.  So this meant I had to get crafty.

The first thing I did was purchase Nate a new shirt.  He wanted a robot one, but chose the "Galaxy Wars" one.  You know, R2D2 IS a robot.  If you want a shirt go here to Sibling Special Tees on Etsy.
Eric brought home a big box and said "I am going to make a robot for outside."  Which turned into me doing it.  Amazing what a bit of craft glue, cardboard, and paint will accomplish.  The arms are made from the dryer vent tubing.  Eric cut a hole in each side and squeezed it through.  The spike on top is a small tube covered in tin foil, again just poked through the top.

Hello there Mr. Robot.

 After giant robot making I thought, huh.  I need to make some favors.  I had a ton of felt stacked up and thought I would just use that.  These are felt, fiberfill, and buttons.  All were hand-stitched with embroidery floss.  Unless you enjoy torture, don't make these.  They are adorable and I am glad I made them, but I only had a week to put this party together and this took a while.  My friend was bringing her 10 month old, so I made one for her without button eyes, so her daddy wouldn't kill me.  After I made Adalyn the one on the right, I decided V needed an all felt one as well.  I didn't have a pattern for this size, so they ended up different sizes.  

 The next three were the ones I originally made for Nate, Aidan, and V respectively.  I decided to hold onto V's until she gets older.  The boys specified their colors and shapes.

 The following robots are the ones I made for the favors.  It is rather hard to be random in color selection.  I also played around with the faces.  I was only expecting 7 kids total, I made 10 robots for the giveaway so no one would be stuck with one they didn't like.

 I didn't want to just throw the robots at them and say here ya go, so I made an "Adopt A Robot" section.  They received them after lunch and during the crafting part of the party.  I even made "adoption certificates" for each robot.  The kiddos just had to fill in their name and their robot names.  Most robots were named after the kids.  Go figure!

Their little faces killed me.
Today I, _____ am adopting _____ the Robot.  I promise to keep my robot fed, happy, and safe.

One of my friends online was helping me with the juice box design.  She Photoshopped a cute page of pictures for me to print off and glue to the juice boxes.  At the last minute my printer decided to run out of ink, so I had to revert to my original plan.  SORRY MELINDA!!!  The juice boxes were just covered in tinfoil, glued in place with hot glue, and then the other pieces are just cardstock stuck on with a glue stick and decorated with sharpie.  Totally high tech.

 After lunch, and during cleanup time, my husband took the kids into the dining room and made robots.  Again, high tech here.  They are pieces of foam glued onto a craft stick with a glue stick.  I had googly eyes and sticker to decorate with.  The arms are just taped to the back of the stick.  The kids really enjoyed it and got real creative with it.  After they were done, they had a robot parade through the house.  I don't know who had that idea, but all the adults loved it!  Including me!

Foam cut into squares and googly eyes.  Don't forget the eyes.
Highly recommended is washable fine tipped markers.  Helped to stay clean and get creative!
 Robot building pictures.  Even vikings and transformers like to get involved.

Eric is the best!

Colin's face in the back kills me.  lol

Robot Parade time!!!

We always seem to run out of cake.  So, I made cupcakes and cake!  The cupcakes are funfetti and have vanilla icing tinted with black and blue to get the silver gray coloring.  The eyes and button on the top are normal M&M's.  The "ears" are mini M&M's.  The mouths are pieces of a Wilton sugar sheet cut and then I used gel on the top to make the mouth.

To store them for the day, I made them the day before, I used this handy dandy thing I bought off of Zulily!  I love my Progressive cupcake storage system!

You can't have a robot party without a robot cake!  This is a vanilla sheet cake.  I followed the Betty Crocker tuitorial here.  Again, I colored the frosting with black and blue.  The eyes are those peach candies.  The arms and mouth and stripes on the bottom are pull apart Twizzlers.  The square on the chest is made from Fruit by the Foot.  The buttons and pupils are M&M's.  The pieces that attach the head to the body and the antenna, which you can't really see, is Twizzlers.  The wheels on the bottom are Nabisco Chocolate Wafers.  Look in the icecream section of your grocery store.  I learned this the hard way.

 The cake and gifts were done, the party was over and people were leaving.  I made gift bags stamped with robot stamps.  They were just white sandwich bags.  Inside the bags were robot arms, kazoos, and little candies I made.  I found a CUTE Robot silicone tray on Amazon and just used those candy melts you find at all craft stores.


There ya go!  That was my party!  Hope  you enjoyed it!


  1. You are like the coolest mom ever. What a cool party, and so crafty! Love it.

  2. Everything came out great and it looks like everyone had a good time.

    I can totally see you screaming at your printer when the ink ran out, too. LOL

  3. This is totally adorable. Makes me want to adopt a robot. :)