Sunday, February 24, 2013

Seriously, Sunday?

I have a good friend over at It's Just Me: An Ordinary Blog.   For the past while she has done "Mad About It Monday" where she posts things that just frost her cupcake.  (She is more of a cupcake girl than a cookie girl)  She has told me about it and told me that I should link up...and I never do.  I can't perform that way!!!!  So....I decided to start my new thing.  


Now, this can be a good serious like "OMG!!!! Seriously!??!?!!?"  Or it can be an exasperated serious like "UGH!  Seriously?"  Who knows.  Whatever happens during the week will determine it.

This week is it a  "OMG!!!!  Seriously?!?!?!"  Why the excitement you ask?  I got a new camera. 

Oooooooooohhhhhhh......Aaaaaaahhhhhh.  This is the new Nikon D5200.  I have had this camera for ALMOST 24 hours now.  It was suppose to arrive at 4:30pm yesterday, but came early.  I LOVE FEDEX!!!

Anyway, I had a little point and shoot camera YEARS ago and right before I had Aidan it got dropped.  I won't say WHO dropped it, but it wasn't me.  We rushed out without too much thought and bought a Nikon D40x.  I already had a regular SLR and was a devout Nikon girl.  The husband had a Canon SLR and wanted a Canon to use his fancy pants lens I bought him for a wedding gift, but this was my baby and I pouted until I got my Nikon.  NIKON FO LYFE YO!  The camera served it's purpose, but didn't have many bells and whistles.  Just a very entry level DSLR.

We got our taxes back last week and I was chatting with Eric.  We planned on getting a new lens for the camera, but I suggested that we get a new CAMERA.  My birthday is next month and I said I would put birthday money towards it, yadda yadda yadda.  He agreed.  SERIOUSLY?!?!?  EXCITEMENT!!!

So I ordered the bad boy from Amazon and got it in two days.

This new camera is AMAZING.  The picture quality is above and beyond what I was expecting.  I can take videos with it.  There are an insane amount of features that I can fiddle with to take pictures that look like sketches.  I can add cross stars to the images.  This camera is smarter than me.  I got tired reading the manual last night.  I have to continue later.  This is definitely a "read the manual" kind of device.

I think the absolutely COOLEST feature is the flip out viewing screen.  If you are taking a picture at an odd angle you can flip it out and position it so you can see in live view what picture you are going to get.  You don't have to twist your head all around to get a picture under a leaf.  You can just hold the camera and look through the screen. can take awesome self I did this morning.  I put on makeup just for you guys.  Be impressed.

This is my "UGH.  Seriously?" look


This is my "How long can I hold my breath?" look

This is my "WOW!  You didn't pass out look!"

And my favorite to leave you with.  Aren't I pretty?

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