Monday, March 25, 2013

My first INFLUENSTER VoxBox!!

I like free stuff.  Who doesn't?  There is a website called Influenster. When you sign up with Influenster you write reviews for stuff.  You give your own real world experience about products you have used in the past.  If you get SUPER deDUPER lucky you get a VoxBox.

I got SUPER deDUPER lucky.  I got the Sugar 'n Spice VoxBox. 

The VERY first thing I noticed was this box was insanely heavy...and it was bright orange.  I dug it.  So I opened it up and this is what was inside:

I have no idea why I was so impressed with how well it was packed.  It was like Tetris.  Everything fit wonderfully into the box.  I apparently am easily impressed. lol

 The first thing I tried was the Nectresse made by Splenda.  They say that this is 100% natural so that is good.  The carb count is only 2g per envelope, which was awesome.  Having had gestational diabetes with Veronica it is a habit to check that out.  This would be considered a "free" food.  (Anything under 5g doesn't count) so if you have diabetes you can have 2 packets!  Also there were no calories.  Also awesome. 

The thing they promote is it is made from monk fruit.   They say that monk fruit extract is 150x sweeter than sugar, that was why I used one packet.

It did it's job and sweetened well.  I made a latte and used one packet.  There was a slight after taste to it.  I tried it twice.  Maybe it is the "fruity" aspect of it and that is what is getting me.  I think maybe I will try it in something without milk.  Like regular coffee or tea.  It isn't bad and my husband enjoyed it!  I will definitely try it again and have it for my mom this weekend.

The next thing I tried was the Colgate Optic White system.  The toothpaste is DEFINITELY not for someone who likes the sweeter stuff.  I am not one of those.  I typically use Arm & Hammer, so I am use to the baking soda taste.  The peroxide in this was a bit strong tasting the first time I used it.  But like anything new, there is a getting use to period.  I really like it now.

The toothbrush that came with it is a bit odd.  I had the manual type.  There are these weird plastic parts in the brush that they say "soft rubber cups are designed to hold toothpaste to more effectively remove surface stains for a whiter smile. "  I found them a bit irritating.  I am use to a regular brush.  I did get use to it though and love the clean feeling my mouth has now.  It feels like it really got the gunk off.  My teeth feel slippery.  I like that.

The toothbrush also has a "tongue and cheek cleaner" pad on it.  I don't see the purpose of these.  When I brushed my teeth I had to keep my mouth slightly open so it wouldn't scrape my lips.  When I brush my tongue I normally just brush it.  I don't see how this suppose to do a better job.  I tried it though.  I guess it did it's job.

The mouthwash in the system was really foamy.  It was ok.  I normally don't use mouthwash.   It wasn't as minty as I expected.

Overall I enjoyed the complete system more after the first time.  I think my teeth feel nice and clean.  I have a dentist appointment on Wednesday, so I shall see how much they have to scrape!

 This time of the year I have insanely dry skin.  My skin normally is dry, but this is just silly how dry I have been.  The Vaseline Spray & Go lotion goes on nice and easily.  It sprays on and rubs in.  There is a nice smell to it.  It said it wasn't greasy and I didn't believe it until I used it.  It rubbed in quickly and was a light moisturizer.  This would be great to use getting out of the shower and having to get dressed quickly.  This would also be better in the summer for me.  I need a bit more moisturizer currently.  I WILL be using it later on.  My skin still had a light aroma at the end of the night.  It was nice.

 I literally just used the Dickinson's Oil Controlling Towelettes.  Like 5 minutes ago.  Time to get real here.  When you are pregnant witch hazel might just be your best friend.  There are certain areas that it is useful, if you get my drift.  So when I smell witch hazel I think of that.  I never really thought of it for any other use.   

I am glad I used it though!  My skin feels nice and smooth.  Not oily at all.  I think these will be AWESOME in the summer at the Farmer's Market and craft shows.  It gets so hot, I don't wear makeup most of the time.  These will be AMAZING to throw in your bag and refresh with during days outside.  I am going to keep these around!
The belVita breakfast biscuits are the last thing I need to review.  I have not had a chance to try them yet.  I shall tomorrow though!  I'll link up my review once it is done.  I hope they are as good as I hope!

Here is the continuation.

Legal part here:  I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.


  1. I LOOOOVE witch hazel! Use it as my every day astringent. I didn't know Dickinsons made wipes. Will have to look into those for on the go days. Great review! Also, I signed up for crowdtap through you and now I'm going to sign up for Influenster through you. You are :)

  2. Aaaw! thanks so much!:) You made me feel all warm and fuzzy. lol

  3. Can we talk about how jealous I am of your VoxBox?! Those BelVita cookies are the bomb diggity!