Sunday, March 3, 2013

Seriously, Sunday?

Welcome back to an other exciting episode of Seriously, Sunday?  This is another excited post.    First, let me ask you this:  Have you ever felted?  Like REALLY felted?  Knitting with wool and then agitating in hot water until it shrinks?  If not, you should. 

First you knit up whatever it is and it looks huge and holey.  For me this week, it has been bowls.  So I knitted up these bowls and they looked rather sad.  Like weird misshapen holey hats.  

I used this pattern to make some bowls for a Pay It Forward gift.  They don't look like much when you knit them, but once you get your hands in there and get them felting it is AMAZING.  I also only use 100% wool for my felting projects.  I have heard you can go 85% wool and it will still felt well, but if I am going through the trouble of knitting things, I want to know it will felt.

If you are going to felt, I suggest knitting up a bunch of items and THEN doing it.  The felting process takes a while and I find it more satisfying to do it in batches.  After knitting I put them in the washing machine on HOT with a couple of towels.  After one cycle, they are pretty well on their way.  They still need a good 10 minutes of hand felting.  To do this, go to your sink and really saturate the piece in HOT water.  SQUEEZE out as much as you can and then really rub the bowl together on itself.  The bowls will still shrink up a good amount and the holes will disappear.  

I love the fuzzy aspect of felt.  I guess you could trim it down after, but I think it takes away some of the charm.   I am pretty much a wool fiber junkie.

I have a few bowls I use for shaping.  For the smallest bowl I have some plastic Gerber bowls that I press them into.  The next size up is a soup bowl.  Just the traditional size that comes with place settings.  The largest bowl, I just form it to fit the others.  You need to make sure you block (form the pieces in the shape you want) when wet.  Once they dry they retain that shape. 
So...without further first Pay It Forward craft project of the year and my felted bowls.

 I LOVE how these turned out.  For the largest bowl, which is the medium on the link, I knitted 8 rounds of blue, switched to the cream for 8 rounds, then did 9 rounds of blue.  At this point I switched to cream for the decreasing rounds of the bottom.

Here is a good visual of the striping.  I pretty much am in love with these bowls.  I think I need to go raid my stash and make me some more!

I thought this was a pretty cool picture.  You can still see some of the stitches in the bowls.   It gives it a nice homemade feel.

Three little bowls all nestled together.

Seriously, Sunday.  Felting is AWESOME.

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