Thursday, March 21, 2013

The sickness is GONE!

Holy sickness Batman.  This house was overrun with the plague.  March 11th Aidan was out of school due to "cheek pain".  We went to the dr.  Sinus infection.  He had a nasty head cold so I figured that was what it was.

Then he got me sick.  NOT fun.  I hate being sick.  So I had his cold.  I actually went to the dr as well.  I thought I had a sinus infection.  $50 and 2 hours later at the Urgent Care, I was just diagnosed with a horrid cold and given a prescription for cold meds and a prescription for an antibiotic to fill if I got worse.  Thank goodness I didn't.

So Friday night Eric is on call and gets called in Saturday morning at 5am.  Last Saturday was the first day I was going to be at the Farmers Market for the year setting up for my BumbleFly~N~ButterBees shop.  I called ahead and had my spot held, something they DON'T do.    Since I have been there for over two years, they did it for me.  

Anyway, since Eric got called in I had to pack the car and get the kids ready and out the door by 6:30am.  I was up from 5am, so about 5:25am or so I started loading the car.  I walk in the house at 5:40am and hear someone up and think "AWESOME.  I won't have to pull them from bed."  Then I hear a slosh.

Nate had gotten sick in bed and decided to clean off his pants, buy pouring water on them...while wearing them.  So there was water all over the floor.

It looked like he had a bloody nose, which he has often, so I figured the drainage made him sick.   Thought nothing of it.  Cleaned up everything and got kids ready and eating breakfast.  He jokingly would go to the bathroom and claim to be feeling bad, but smiled the entire time.

As I am packing up I realized that the garment rack would NOT fit in the van.  In the Xterra I take the bottom off and the whole thing flattens.  Since Aidan was in the back of the van I couldn't put the whole seat down and it would not fit.  So I had to take the ENTIRE THING APART.  Unscrewed and all.

Somehow I managed to get to the market at 7am when it opened.  I spent the next 45 minutes unloading the car and putting together the rack.  It took that long because I had three kids LITERALLY running the length of the building.  It wouldn't be so bad if A) I wasn't still kinda sick and B) it wasn't 7am and a building full of 70+ year old people.  There are now 3 of us in the under 70 category.  So I almost lost my voice while screaming at them.

Eric shows up with breakfast for me, takes the kids, and leaves.  I get fully set up and have an awesome first day.  Go home and crash.

The next morning.  V gets sick once.  That night, Aidan gets sick once.  Nate still is A-ok.  Then the next two days Aidan and V have a HORRIBLE stomach bug.  Complete with me going to the Dr's office and me crying in the lobby.  I was a nice wreck.  The WONDERFUL front desk ladies let me keep Nate in the waiting room so I wouldn't have to bring him in the room of death with the sickos.

The awesome Dr gave us some Zofran and that part was over.  Thank goodness.

No issues on Tuesday and Wednesday Aidan was back to school.  I don't understand it.  I have all three kids home ALL summer, but having Aidan home an extra 2 days almost killed me.  Maybe it is because we can't do anything and I am stuck cleaning up for two days nonstop.

Anyway,  I now have a super clean (for me) house and healthy kiddos.  Oh and only ONE kid home.  SCORE!

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