Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Painted Lady Butterflies!!

We finished up with the tadpoles/frogs and I wanted to do something else. to Target I went.  For years I have seen the butterfly kits and wanted one, but never got one.

The girl, V, is OBSESSED with bu-er-flies.  So I thought this would be awesome!

The kit was just a cage basically, but came with a coupon to get the caterpillars.  You just had to pay shipping, which ended up being about $7. I got them from  I highly recommend them.  They were awesome.  Super helpful when I was waiting on my order and when I had questions.

They took about a week to come in and when they did I was unimpressed.  These things were TINY.
 Look at your pinky nail.  See how small it is?  They could fit on it.  The little guys and girls ate the yellow stuff in the bottom and grew rather quickly.  

The set was suppose to come with 5 and three were guaranteed to grow.  I got 6!  WOOT FOR AN EXTRA!

These next pictures were about 9 days after receiving.  They created a webbing in the cup.  Sort of icky.  lol

At this point they crawled to the top and made cocoons.    That was neat!  The next step in the butterfly growing was tricky.  The little guys/girls were SUPPOSE to make the cocoons and hang from the paper.

Mine ate part of the paper.  So.  Instead of easily tying the paper up to the top of the big popup cage, I had to tie the entire lid.  While doing this two little guys fell off.  I called the company that I got them from and they were super helpful.  They said to get double stick tape, stick it to the little thing on the end where it fell off and tape it up.

That didn't work.  When I picked them up the wiggled and wiggled and wiggled.  One fell and ended up dying.  (I realized this later)  This weird red stuff came out.  I thought it was blood.  It wasn't.  I did some research and found out it was butterfly mechonium. It is a waste fluid that the butterfly unloads as it prepares for its new life and it helps their wings to unfurl.  This poor little guy lost it too early.

Anyway.  The tape wasn't working, since I couldn't get a good connection, so I read on another site that they used hot glue.  I had a low temp hot glue gun, so I grabbed a papertowel, put two drops on it and stuck the VERY tips of the cocoons to it.  After that I tied that piece to the top of the habitat as well.

Four of the six were on the paper.  One is kind of hidden.  If you look at the one on the right, you can see that little black spot on the top left.  That is how they attach.  It is VERY tiny.

So one morning after taking the boys to school I looked over and saw movement!  OUR FIRST butterfly!!!  Kind of tricky taking a picture inside a mesh container.

  I got a bit creative and figured out how to get in there.

 That is the mechonium on the bottom.  NOT blood.

Once they come out you have to figure out how to feed them.  I got a muffin cup container and poked a whole in the top.  I twisted a piece of papertowel and shoved it in the hole.  The mixture inside is water and sugar.  So the paper towel acted as a wick/flower stamin.

I put one on the wick so they knew where it was.  

I added sticks to the container just to make it a bit more interesting looking.  It was not that necessary.  The butterflies landed on the walls and I never really saw them on the stick.

I did add some sage to the bottom.  Apparently the caterpillars like to eat it.  I was hoping to get caterpillars.  They didn't lay eggs.  Maybe I didn't keep them in there long enough.  I felt kind of bad keeping them contained.

 One day I decided it was release day!  That was fun.  Those guys took OFF!  See the blur?  lol

Here are the two cocoons I glued up.  The one in the front it empty.  The deceased is in the back.

A random frog graced our house shortly one night after the release.  I figured one of the Franks came back. did NOT sponsor this post.  They have no idea I wrote it.  All experiences and opinions are my own.  If they want to sponsor a post, I wouldn't be opposed to another kit of something.  ;)  Totally kidding by the way.  I will be looking into purchasing a different kit in the future though!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Revolt Week 4

Wowza.  I did not have a good week.  I was sick, then a party, and a massive amount of cake the week before.  This left my house full of cake and chips...which I ate.  I was NOT good on any aspect of the diet this week.  I pretty much failed MISERABLY.  BUT I did do the workouts.

This week.  NO gains, NO losses.  BUT no that is good.  Nichole in all her crazy wisdom has made a pseudo cleanse this week coming up.  Not nearly as hard as the first.  I will not be consuming massive amounts of eggs and spinach, but I will follow it this week.

I went shopping today and bought some a smaller size.  It felt good.  I want to experience that more.

The next Revolution starts on June 3rd!  Want to sign up?  Here is my affiliate link.  Clicking this link will give me something, but I am not entirely sure what.  lol.  The program still isn't in place.  
Join My Revolt, yo!!

Disclaimer: I am participating in the Revolt Now Fitness Program for the next twelve weeks for free in exchange for my weekly review of their program. I am under no obligation to write a positive review and the expressed thoughts are uniquely my own. Please feel free to contact me at with any questions.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Spring Fling!!

                   Hello and Welcome to the First Official Spring Fling with Everything For Ana!!

During the Spring Fling, I will be sharing reviews and giveaways of wonderful items and pretty things for spring. I had so much fun in March and April with Ana, testing out new recipes, wearing new pretties and getting ready for the warm, warm weather of May and June. Welcome also to the blogs who are hosting this giveaway on their page, make sure you check out their content and giveaways for more fun!!  

I am so excited to be hosting this as my first giveaway!  This looks like SUCH an amazing collection!  I wish I could win it all!  Good luck to everyone.  :)

  I will be featuring all of these sponsors with their own review  or featured page so make sure you keep checking back to the blog to read more. Without further ado, I present to you Spring Fling.  Thanks so much to the sponsors(in alphabetical order):


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I have worked with Daddy Scrubs in the past, they have wonderful gifts for the new daddy, and are so original!

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Everfan Capes
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Fuzzy Ink 
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We are making cookies with these and adding chocolate sprinkles for the little hairs. Cannot wait to show you how cute these come out!

Lil and Lou Designs
Win a choice of 4 adorable sea creature designs. (Ana loves the mermaid)
I would love one of these bags for Ana's Third Birthday, it is going to be a mermaid swimming party, and I have been collecting fish and mermaid decor for the past few months. So cute!!

Lily and Luna

Win a $50 GC towards Lily and Luna's amazing clothing! 
I am not sure which dress I would choose if I won this...they are ALL so gorgeous and homemade. Maybe a special Ariel or mermaid themed dress for Ana's Third Bday??

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Trinkets by Dana

Win 2 sets of adorable, yummy summer time earrings and go here to win some Firmoo Designer Glasses:

 These are so pretty and feminine, I looove the ice cream cones and would rock them all summer long (while eating homemade fresh ice cream especially!!


 Dei Fratelli Gluten Free Tomato Soup
 Ellie Workout Clothes
 Fast Metabolism Diet Book
 Mia Mariu Products (giveaway pending)
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(as each review becomes live, their links will appear here!So please keep checking back)

Also, I may be adding more prizes as sponsors get back to me. Some of those reviews may turn into giveaways, so come back for your daily entries (tweet, comment, and klout) and enter to win one of these great prizes.

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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Aidan Turns 7!!

 Wow.  SO hard to believe that my oldest is seven years old.  I really can't get over this.  The things he says lately kill me.  He really is turning into a little man.  (insert sobbing)

At Aidan's school you can paint the spirit rock out front for $3.  We went out Thursday after school and had a go at it.  A few things I learned:
  • Do NOT paint the rock when you are sick.  You will forget to change the kids clothes and ruin:  a new dress you made the girl, 2 pairs of kids shorts, and a tie-dyed shirt which Aidan was just excited that it made more colorful
  • you MUST paint the rock first with regular paint
  • V likes to paint the rock by painting her hands
    • Nate and Aidan will make HORRIBLE taggers one day, but they are adorable.

    Friday I went to Aidan's school and brought cupcakes.  THAT was interesting.  I thought that Aidan was goofy.  APPARENTLY all 7 year old boys are goofy!  

    Mom came into town on Friday and then we had his party on Saturday.  I have to say.  This was one of my FAVORITE parties...EVER for the kids.  Everyone had a blast, I met some neighborhood moms, it was real laidback and chill, and the kids all had a great time!  

    We did Pokemon theme...again.  I was informed last time that I made the Pokeball cake upside down.  I was informed of the correct coloring this time.  The ball he claims to have seen does not exist.  He was happy about it though.  He specified that the yellow MUST be on top.

    Here are a few of my favorite pictures.  As my cousins Robbin and Scott would say the picture of Aidan with the hat on goes in his "funeral file."  It is AMAZING.


     The girl wears hats well.

     Nate was yelling about wearing these hats ALL day.

     Meet Alfonso and Enrique.  Alfonso wanted to play a trick on his brother and wear a disguise for his birthday.  He also wanted to shave his head.  We didn't allow that one.  For the time Nate had on the mustache, he insisted on being referred to as Alfonso.

     Some of the kids in the room of mess.

     Jason, Uncle Chris, Dad, Paw Paul, and Nana.

    I just realized I didn't get any of my Dad or MY Grandma!  Oh well.  Next time!  It will give Grandma a reason to stick around for another year.


    Friday, May 17, 2013

    Week 3 Recap of revolt Fitness

    My body has been revolting this week and not in a good way.  The plague has stuck the house and left me with a HUGE cold.  That being said...I have strayed.  A lot.  Somehow curry chicken didn't seem appetizing with a sore throat.  lol.  Who would have thought that? 

    I have also decided to do weight/measurements on Fridays.  Saturdays are the "free day" where you don't have a diet plan.  My body likes to absorb salt and water like no ones business.  Monday weigh ins are kinda depressing.

    Ready for some exciting information?!?!

    Here my my stats for far:
    Weight:  DOWN  7.5lbs
    Neck: DOWN 1/2inch
    Chest: DOWN 1 1/2inches
    Waist: DOWN 2 1/4inches
    Hips: DOWN 2 3/4inches
    Thigh: DOWN 2 inches
    Calf: DOWN 1/4inch


    If you want the same kind of results, it isn't easy though, click this little link right here (This is my affiliate link.) : Get fit, yo

    The head honcho Nichole, said it was ok to share a recipe this week with you guys, so here is my favorite!!

    This seriously tastes like vanilla ice cream.  Even the hubby approved.

    1/2cup of ricotta cheese
    1 packet of Stevia
    1/4tsp of vanilla

    Add to the top:
    1/4cup diced strawberries.

    BAM.  Done.

    I would like to appologize about the weird font issue going on.  I can't figure out what happened and I can't change it.  Hmmm... 

    Disclaimer: I am participating in the Revolt Now Fitness Program for the next twelve weeks for free in exchange for my weekly review of their program. I am under no obligation to write a positive review and the expressed thoughts are uniquely my own. Please feel free to contact me at with any questions.

    Tuesday, May 14, 2013

    I create life!!!

    Not really, well...I HAVE three times,but this time I made frogs.

    Metamorphosis is PRETTY dang awesome.  One day the kids and I went to the park and were walking around.  The park was created where the Shuffletown drag strip
    once was.  Prepare to dance if you click the link.

    I was accosting the kids with my camera and taking ADORABLE pictures:

    We went walking down past the volleyball courts and I wanted to take the kids on the old strip.

    While walking down the strip and taking more ADORABLE pictures

    I came across a weird pond type area just on the road.  It was more like a HUGE puddle. 

    See all those little dots?  They are TADPOLES.

    So.  I did what I do and went home that night and told my husband that I NEEDED tadpoles.  We had an old fishtank in the garage that we cleaned out.  I went to Petsmart and got a filter that sat down in the tank, some dechlorinator, and pellets (which I returned)  I also got a bunch of rocks from the backyard, since the previous homeowners LOVED landscaping gravel, we have an abundance.

    The next day I set the tank up.  I put about 2 gallons of treated water in it and sent the husband to the park with the boys, a bucket, and a cup and said "Get water and tadpoles"  
    He did!

    This is day one.  See that little guy?  I named him Frank.  Infact, I named all 13 Frank.  It was a lot of fun watching them grow.  I think I had more fun that then kids.  Every few days I would get a fine mesh spoon and scoop out the poop.  I would also replace about a gallon of water every 4 days or so and clean out the filter, just to keep it smelling decent.  Tadpoles poo...a lot.

     One of the Franks got legs!

    Legs and tail.

     Frank on a rock.

    I tried to look up what type they were, but it was hard determining from looking at them.  They were REALLY tiny.  I am pretty sure we had at least two types.

    The release day was the most fun.  We actually had 3 release days.  We ended up releasing 11 frogs and had two casualties.  One got his tail sucked into the filter and died.  The other jumped into the filter back and got stuck to the fiber part of the filter.   :(

    Eric did two of the three releases without me.  This was the second release.  We took them to a local park near our house that is up against a lake.  We walked down a trail for a bit until we were near the water and released them there.  I like to think that they are living a happy froggy life now.


     I told you they were tiny!!
     Can you spot the frog?

     The boys found "wands" and were playing Harry Potter.

    Well.  That was our frog saga!  Not nearly as hard as I thought it would be.  When we get the time and extra cash I think we will set up the tank for actual pet frogs.  It was fun having them.

    As for now, we are raising caterpillars!