Sunday, May 19, 2013

Aidan Turns 7!!

 Wow.  SO hard to believe that my oldest is seven years old.  I really can't get over this.  The things he says lately kill me.  He really is turning into a little man.  (insert sobbing)

At Aidan's school you can paint the spirit rock out front for $3.  We went out Thursday after school and had a go at it.  A few things I learned:
  • Do NOT paint the rock when you are sick.  You will forget to change the kids clothes and ruin:  a new dress you made the girl, 2 pairs of kids shorts, and a tie-dyed shirt which Aidan was just excited that it made more colorful
  • you MUST paint the rock first with regular paint
  • V likes to paint the rock by painting her hands
    • Nate and Aidan will make HORRIBLE taggers one day, but they are adorable.

    Friday I went to Aidan's school and brought cupcakes.  THAT was interesting.  I thought that Aidan was goofy.  APPARENTLY all 7 year old boys are goofy!  

    Mom came into town on Friday and then we had his party on Saturday.  I have to say.  This was one of my FAVORITE parties...EVER for the kids.  Everyone had a blast, I met some neighborhood moms, it was real laidback and chill, and the kids all had a great time!  

    We did Pokemon theme...again.  I was informed last time that I made the Pokeball cake upside down.  I was informed of the correct coloring this time.  The ball he claims to have seen does not exist.  He was happy about it though.  He specified that the yellow MUST be on top.

    Here are a few of my favorite pictures.  As my cousins Robbin and Scott would say the picture of Aidan with the hat on goes in his "funeral file."  It is AMAZING.


     The girl wears hats well.

     Nate was yelling about wearing these hats ALL day.

     Meet Alfonso and Enrique.  Alfonso wanted to play a trick on his brother and wear a disguise for his birthday.  He also wanted to shave his head.  We didn't allow that one.  For the time Nate had on the mustache, he insisted on being referred to as Alfonso.

     Some of the kids in the room of mess.

     Jason, Uncle Chris, Dad, Paw Paul, and Nana.

    I just realized I didn't get any of my Dad or MY Grandma!  Oh well.  Next time!  It will give Grandma a reason to stick around for another year.


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