Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I create life!!!

Not really, well...I HAVE three times,but this time I made frogs.

Metamorphosis is PRETTY dang awesome.  One day the kids and I went to the park and were walking around.  The park was created where the Shuffletown drag strip
once was.  Prepare to dance if you click the link.

I was accosting the kids with my camera and taking ADORABLE pictures:

We went walking down past the volleyball courts and I wanted to take the kids on the old strip.

While walking down the strip and taking more ADORABLE pictures

I came across a weird pond type area just on the road.  It was more like a HUGE puddle. 

See all those little dots?  They are TADPOLES.

So.  I did what I do and went home that night and told my husband that I NEEDED tadpoles.  We had an old fishtank in the garage that we cleaned out.  I went to Petsmart and got a filter that sat down in the tank, some dechlorinator, and pellets (which I returned)  I also got a bunch of rocks from the backyard, since the previous homeowners LOVED landscaping gravel, we have an abundance.

The next day I set the tank up.  I put about 2 gallons of treated water in it and sent the husband to the park with the boys, a bucket, and a cup and said "Get water and tadpoles"  
He did!

This is day one.  See that little guy?  I named him Frank.  Infact, I named all 13 Frank.  It was a lot of fun watching them grow.  I think I had more fun that then kids.  Every few days I would get a fine mesh spoon and scoop out the poop.  I would also replace about a gallon of water every 4 days or so and clean out the filter, just to keep it smelling decent.  Tadpoles poo...a lot.

 One of the Franks got legs!

Legs and tail.

 Frank on a rock.

I tried to look up what type they were, but it was hard determining from looking at them.  They were REALLY tiny.  I am pretty sure we had at least two types.

The release day was the most fun.  We actually had 3 release days.  We ended up releasing 11 frogs and had two casualties.  One got his tail sucked into the filter and died.  The other jumped into the filter back and got stuck to the fiber part of the filter.   :(

Eric did two of the three releases without me.  This was the second release.  We took them to a local park near our house that is up against a lake.  We walked down a trail for a bit until we were near the water and released them there.  I like to think that they are living a happy froggy life now.


 I told you they were tiny!!
 Can you spot the frog?

 The boys found "wands" and were playing Harry Potter.

Well.  That was our frog saga!  Not nearly as hard as I thought it would be.  When we get the time and extra cash I think we will set up the tank for actual pet frogs.  It was fun having them.

As for now, we are raising caterpillars!

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