Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Popcorn ceilings are E-VIL

I can not STAND popcorn ceilings.  When we moved into this house the previous owners obviously LOVED to fry food.  I know this because the popcorn ceiling above the stove was brown.  Gross right?

After we moved in, I got pregnant, had V, and numerous medical issues with the kids.  This year we can FINALLY start tackling little things here and there.   

The ceiling between the kitchen and the living is a lower level.  The kitchen and living room are recessed a bit.  Make sense?

So what we decided to do was to take down the popcorn on the lower part and paint it.  On the upper part I want to plank it.  I have seen tutorials and it looks awesome.

Here is a cute picture of V so you can see where we started.

 We decided to start in the small hallway.  There isn't much area there, so if it became a horrible mess, it wouldn't take that long to clean up.

How you do it is, fill something with warm water, we used a weed sprayer, and spray a section.  Let it sit for a minute and scare with a flat scraper.  I think we used a spackle knife.    Just a wide, flat, piece of plastic.

Here is the husband working on it.

 It was awesome.  Kind of like peeling a sunburn or Elmer's Glue off your hand.  It just came down in sheets.

 See. Just a small hallway.  In the bottom left of the picture is the sprayer we used.

You can also see the mess on the floor.  We would scrape, wipe up, and scrape some more.  One of my friends mentioned she did this before but used a drop cloth.  I have no idea why I didn't think of that.

 We worked on it primarily in the evenings when the kids are in bed, just so they don't get gross.  While Eric was at work one day, I decided to work on part over the sink.  I KINDA made a mess.  OOPS.  (If you notice the hideous tile EVERY OTHER TILE in the kitchen is fruit.  We took care of that.  You can see it in a post later!)

After removing the popcorn the ceiling is surprisingly smooth.  It is just sprayed onto the drywall so not too much fuss involved.
 Half on/half off.  Rather neat, huh?

This was my fancy pants way of covering the appliances.


 After it was all removed we just filled in out gouge marks and painted it!  It took a few coats of paints.  We used Sherwin Williams Cashmere Bravo BlueThe Cashmere line suppose to be self leveling, so you don't get roller marks.  It is PRETTY smooth.  There are ZERO roller marks, but the ceiling is a bit bumpy from us.  We didn't get everything smoothed down perfectly.

The small hallway

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