Monday, June 17, 2013

Crafting with Kids

I am a rather crafty person.  Not Beastie Boys crafty:


But crafty with glue, and glitter, and paint crafty.

I try to get crafting with the kids.  My boys would be happy if all they ever did was play video games, but that isn't cutting it.  

When I had my friends come over the other week I bought a bunch of little cars to paint from this adorable man at the local Farmer's Market where I hock my wares on Saturdays.  

This man is crazy awesome.  He changes only $3/car for these.  Seriously.  THREE DOLLARS.  I purchase from him a lot.

I bought six cars.  :)

Most craft shows have some woodworker who makes cars like these.  They are pretty common place in the crafting world.  Eric and I have tried to make sure like this, but those are damn hard to cut.  By Eric and I, I mean him of course.  

Things were busy so we never got to paint them.  So while the girl was sleeping today I decided to let the boys paint two.  All the girl does is paint her belly anyway.  lol  Hopefully she won't notice.  I cleaned up everything.

Now.  Here are a ton of pictures for your enjoyment of my adorable kids.

 In OT the therapist makes sure to always tell Nate to use both hands.  He is left handed and gets a little shaky.  His core strength is much better than it use to be, but his hand strength is still weak.

 Baby wipes make excellent paintbrush blotters.

This is not Harry Potter.  Aidan just plays him in real life.   He also makes weird faces when I tell him to say cheese.

 Nate's car.  I actually have a million pictures of it.  He wanted pictures of every angle.



 The top of Nate's car.  I think it was rather awesome.

 Aidan's car.  :)

We made sure to use non-toxic paints of course.  I am thinking I might finish these with the beeswax/olive oil finish I use in my shop.  Gives it a nice feel.

Do you have any fun crafty ideas to pass the time with your kids?  How about you share in the comments or on my Facebook page!


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