Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Handbag Obsession

I have a confession.  I am ADDICTED to handbags.  Seriously.  I love them.  I think my obsession started in the third grade when I bought a purse that looked like a Converse Hi-top.    I wish I still had it.  It was glorious.  There was a zipper that ran across the inside of the shoe along the top of the sole. It held about as much as you would expect a shoe purse to hold.  A lip balm and maybe some change.  

Nowadays my style is a bit cooler, but not by much.  It is hard to beat a shoe purse.  

Last year after Matthews Alive, a festival that runs over Labor Day every year, I told myself that if I hit a certain amount in sales I would buy a Coach purse.  I hit that mark.  I got my purse.  Now I am a tad bit obsessed.

I used that purse every day for about a year.  It still looks brand new.  Some people gawk at the price, but if you can spend $150 on a bag and use it for a year, how is that any different than spending $30-$40 every few months on a cheap purse?  (My lovely friend made that fantastic point.  She is wise.)

When I got my bag at the Coach Outlet I signed up for their emails for the Coach Factory site.  I never really looked at them until this past week.  I am SO glad I did.  I fell in love.

I bought it.

 Seriously.  How gorgeous is this bag?

I think the yellow is PERFECT for spring.  I typically am a black bag girl, but I think this will give my spring and summer wardrobe a nice pop!  So bright and cheery!

I think my favorite part is the perforated leather to form the C's.  You know when you see the C's coming, what type of bag it is.  My other bag has the traditional look to it.  I think this is a nice alternative.

 While I was shopping around I noticed that they had jewelry and accessories.  SCORE.  I picked up this for someone for Christmas this year.  Don't hate me.  This is is the second Christmas gift I have bought.

Have you seen this site?  Are you a member yet?  You have to be invited to join.  When you are a member and "invite" people the first time they purchase, you get a $10 credit!  Double score.  Fabulous purse for them, cash for you to purchase another.  

Want an invite?  I just need your email!

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