Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Not your "typical" Father's Day gift.

My husband isn't the "typical" dad.  True, he does all the dad stuff (sports, provides for the family, works in the yard) but he doesn't LOOK typical.

He will probably kill me for these pictures, but oh well.  I write the blog.  I CONTROL the posts!
Sad Princess

My husband is tattooed, pierced, and likes his music.  

To buy him a typical Father's Day gift would be silly.  The guy won't like it.  He doesn't wear ties...unless it is the skull tie I got him.

He doesn't wear cologne.

Watches?  MAYBE.  With him working at the hospital and having to scrub he washed his hands CONSTANTLY and because of this doesn't wear a watch.

So...what could I get him?  Well...what could the kids get him that would fit his style.

I found the answer.

These wallets are amazing.  Seriously.  They are beautiful. 

Ryan, who creates the wallets is a true artist.  He does all the work by hand.  Nothing is machine made.  

Ryan only uses high-end European Single Bend leather.  It is imported from a 200 year old tannery in Belgium.

The snaps are Military grade and these suckers snap TIGHT.  You will not have to worry about stuff falling out.

A 15" chain comes standard with each wallet.  He does have chainmaille wallet chains available for purchase if you want to step up your style a bit.

Ready to be really impressed?  Watch this video.

Fabulous, right?
I just received two beautiful wallets in the mail.  When I opened the bag I was blown away with the craftsmanship of them.  The leather smelled fantastic.  The lines were clean and well defined.  The liner was perfect.

The two wallets you are looking at here are the Classic Long Biker Wallet (in the back) and a Bifold Wallet.

Eric has decided to keep the Bifold for himself, he deserves it dealing with me and the three kids.  Guess what we are doing with the other?  That is right...a giveaway.  Ryan from Anvil Customs was gracious enough to give me this opportunity and I could not be more excited.  Here are a few shots to see what you can win.

 This wallet is the Classic Long Biker Wallet.  It measures about 7" long and 4" wide.

 The interior is lined with the Winged Skull material.  It is a cotton duck fabric made in the USA!  Duck fabric is thicker than regular cotton material.  So, super durable.

 The logo pressed into the leather.

All in all, this is a $198 value.  And it can be yours...for free.  Just enter this little contest.    This would make an amazing gift for any man in your life or woman really.  If I wasn't such an honest woman, I would be keeping it for myself!! 

Since this was for Father's Day for my husband...he decided on a entry.  He wants to see pictures.  So...here goes!  Good luck to all!  Since this is an amazing AMAZING prize, I am running this for two weeks.  I have the wallet in my possession and I will be mailing it out when the contest is over.  Make sure to check back and see if you won!

I also check entries...so no cheating.  

a Rafflecopter giveaway

 This giveaway is sponsored by Anvil Customs.  I was given a free wallet and chain to review, but was under no obligation to write a positive review.  The impressions and gushings over the awesomeness of this company are all my own.  The House of Boys...& a Girl will be mailing the wallet out to the winner, free of charge.  This contest is only open to residents of the USA.


  1. My husband made his current wallet chain of out a dog collar that he modified himself!

  2. I saw this them in person, they are AWESOME!

  3. I want this for my hus!!

  4. Is it bad I'd totally keep this for myself??? :D

  5. This is just classic leather wallets that you cannot find anymore very easily. The quality design, biker all the way and rocker from my days at L'amours. Guys had amazing wallets and I see a few today that matured over time because you don't ever let wallets like that go to naught

  6. My husband and I met at a rock concert. I took my shirt off ad was wearing a bikini top. he walked past and snatched my shirt, told me I was hot and if I wanted my shirt back I'd find him before I left the concert to see him again... so I married the first guy who stole from me! HAHA. He'd love this wallet though =]

  7. @Steph. If I wasn't so honest it would be in my purse.

    @crazedmom This man is amazing. The quality when you see it in person is top notch. Did you watch the video? I have a lot of respect for him and what he does.

    @amber. BEST.STORY.EVER. hahahahaha

  8. I ride a motorcycle, so I deserve a wallet to match.

  9. I would love to win this wallet for my husband because the wallet he currently carries is a knock off replica of the one Samuel L. Jackson had in the movie Pulp Fiction.

  10. It looks like a really cool wallet.