Sunday, June 23, 2013

Politeness, or lack there of.

I pride myself on my kids being polite.  Don't confuse this with manners though.  My kids lack those, like I think a lot of kids do.  They giggle when they pass gas and pretend to burp.

You know what my kids are though?  Polite.  They say excuse me.  If you ask Nate if he wants something and he doesn't you will probably get a "No.  But thanks for asking!"  They are polite.

Why am I pointing this out?  I see a lot of people, not just kids, that are SO impolite it kills me.

The other day I was at Target.  I went to the check out and there was one person in front of me checking out, so she was at the card swipe thing.  I had my cart in front of me and was loading my items onto the conveyer belt.  I finished and was waiting.  I was standing at the end of the belt, since my cart was in front of me.

The next thing I know, an arm was placing stuff onto the belt next to me.  Not behind me.  Next to me...and a bit in front of me.  I turned around and looked and there was an orange lady, seriously-she was orange and not an alien, taking stuff out of her buggy and placing it on the belt.    

I could have accepted this if
1) She was carrying the items either in her hands OR in a hand held cart.
2) She said excuse me...politely.

Neither was the case.  Nothing was said.  Just the floating arm and a glare.

I like my person space.  You don't have to stay an arms width away, but six inches or less is not acceptable.

So then it is my turn and I scoot the cart forward and chat with the check out guy.  My order is done and I start to push my cart forward and next thing I know I almost get hit with her cart, because it was a dire emergency to get to the card swipe machine the SECOND the cashiers hand touched an item.

I turn around again and look.  I was just surprised that I almost got hit.  What happened?  I was shot an evil glare.  Really?

This was the second time this past month that some thing has happened at Target in the checkout line that makes me question people.  The first was another cart incident.  The person in front of me pushed her cart almost into the lady checking out and the cashier stopped was he was doing, looked at the lady with the cart, and said "You need to back up.  She is checking out."  I wanted to hug him.

Has politeness gone out of the window? 

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