Friday, June 28, 2013 incredible awesome new subscription box service!

**Warning. This is a VERY picture heavy post of Japanese Candy awesomeness.****

I was chatting with a friend the other day who has an admitted subscription box addiction.  She saw this new box and messaged me the second she ran across it.  It is AMAZING.

Skoshbox is a brand new subscription service that delivers handpicked items from Japan to your doorstep every month.  The items range from yummy green tea flavored chocolates to pens and erasers (that they claim are "life changing")  They handpick everything because  it's important to them that "each item reflect the Japan that we love so much, for its high standards in quality, ingenuity, and wonderfully eccentric styles and flavors."

The company is ran by two childhood friends who both were raised partially in Japan and partially in the US.  Both had Japanese mothers and were raised with the games, snacks, and culture.  They saw a lacking of easily accessible, affordable Japanese items in the US and the company was created.

So.  What are in these amazing boxes you ask?  I got one.  It was packed so nice and snug.  Like a well played game of Tetris. 
 Good things really do come in small packages!! 

 I wish I thought about taking a picture of it all packed nicely.  Once the tissue was pulled back I couldn't contain myself.  I dove in.  

So what I plan on doing is telling you about everything I received.  Here is a link to the actual box contents and Skoshbox's description.  They do a posting every month with the description and also include a handy note card with the same description.    Since the box changes every month, the link posted will probably NOT have the correct descriptions in the future, but you can see what was in the current box!

The boxes were just being sent to a few people last month so they ran out of the "life changing" erasers.  I got an extra snack thrown in though!

The first thing I tried were the Milk Hardcandies.  The description said they taste like a milkshake and they weren't lying.  They really did taste like vanilla milkshakes.  I could see myself developing an addiction to them.  I received two.  I ate two.  The hubby received none.  

The next thing we tried were the Koala's March cookies.  Basically they are little cookies filled with chocolate cream.  Fun fact: there are 365 designs of them!

 The creamy center displayed.  I bit mine in half, put it on a table to take a picture, and Nate stole the rest and ate it.  The boys really liked them.

The girl did not like them.  She is weird.  She tried a nibble of the corner.  I don't think she even got any of the chocolate.  This was quickly followed by a "yuck it".  Nate ate it.

 Next were the Marble Chocolates.  They taste similar to M & M's, but not as sweet.  I notice that foreign chocolate is not normally as sweet as US chocolate.  it was still yummy though.  All the kids devoured it.

I thought the little dogs on the candies were cute.  Only some had stamps though.  I found that interesting.

Chocolate is good.
 After all the yumminess I knew I had to hit something I didn't like.  Now, I received these two things.  Judging by the package, one was suppose to taste like pizza and the other like a mad scientist?

This little guy cracked me up.  Skoshbox didn't have a description, so this was one of my bonus items.  I did some investigation.  I am THINKING, judging by the picture, that this one was "marinated pollock roe"  Um...yum?  I eat roe.  I like roe on sushi.  This scared me.

I decided to be brave and try it.  I opened it up and it looked like a big cheeto.

I did not enjoy it at all.  I forced Eric to try it though.  He liked it!

Pose for a goofy picture, I take the goofy picture and post it.   The "mad scientist" flavor was odd and spicy. The pizza one was good, just not really my style.  I didn't really like the consistency.

While he was at work I ate the Orion beer nuts.  I have never had beer nuts before.  I liked them!  They were nice and crunchy with a bit of a kick.  I was eating them when the kids were home so I couldn't really crack a beer open with them, but I could see their appeal.

Next item in the box: Kaki No Tane    Peanuts and spicy rice crackers.  Kaki No Tane means persimmon seeds.  Which is what the yummy crackers looked like!  I really liked this one.   Eric did as well.  I received two little bags of these.

Next up!  Shoyu Senbei.  Basically a rice cracker.  It was HARD.  When I bit it I did not taste the soy sauce, but when I licked my lips it was there.  Eric and I both enjoyed it.  Apparently this is a popular snack to serve to guests.  It would be served alongside green tea.  It just tasted like a rice cracker without the crumbliness of one.

Orange Bubble Gum.  There were 4 little pieces in each box. They reminded me of baby aspirin, but in a good way.  I liked the flavor.  Nate and Aidan liked it as well.  Aidan swallowed his.  Nate lost his in the living room.  Eric's shoe found it.

Haichu candy was next.  I got the sour apple flavor.  This was an interesting one.  Japanese are know for good manners and this was created as an "edible chewing gum", so you never had to spit it out.  It starts out really chewy, but eventually melts in your mouth.  Super good!  Skoshbox says it is highly addictive and I can see why!

I like the little white square in the middle.
 Chocoballs were next.  It was a chocolate covered peanut.  Again, not as sweet as American chocolate, but I liked that.  FYI the mascot is named Kyorochan and this is one of the most recognized names among Japanese snacks.

 Yeah....I played with my food.  How can you not?  The little guys made me happy. 

 Well...we are at the end.  I saved the best for last.  I REALLY enjoyed the LOOK chocolates.  They are little chocolate squares filled with green tea filling AND either azuki (bean) or cream filling.  I liked the azuki the best.  Surprisingly the girl who disliked the chocolate filled bears LOVED these.  She kept running over and stealing pieces.  So did my boys.  Weird right?  Nate especially.  He is SO picky, but loved these!

 The box comes with an easy to close flap.  I thought that was a nice touch.  Unnecessary for us since we all gobbled it down, but nice!

Japanese recycling symbol?

The chocolates.  They didn't last long.  I thought they were super cute and they were individual pieces so you didn't have to break them apart.  SUPER awesome.

I have to say.  This was an AWESOME box to review.  While I can't break down the cost of the box vs. what it is actually worth, I would still buy it and will buy it.

Are you excited to try out next months box?  I am!  Head over here to Skoshbox and sign up to receive their first month!!!  It is just $12 per month.  That includes shipping.  OH!  I have a code for you as well!  

Use the code HSEOFBOYS20 when you check out and you will receive a SURPRISE gift in your first box!!  

The code expires July 15th, which is the cut off for the first shipment order.

See you next month!

Disclaimer: Skoshbox provided me with this box free of charge to review.  I was under no obligation to write a positive review.  All pictures and opinions are my own.

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