Saturday, June 1, 2013

Summer time pool days

I don't know what I was thinking.  I claim a brief moment of insanity.  I bought the kids a pool.   Not just a little pool to throw on the back porch.  A big, huge, 8 foot pool.  It seems like every year we buy these little kiddie pools and they pop and we throw them away.  It seems like such a waste!

This won't fit on the porch.  Luckily we have a spot without grass, so Eric wasn't too distraught.    I did get some amazingly cute pictures this weekend though! 

 I call this series...THE PROGRESSION OF THE BALLS.

See here...the kids have the balls.  All is fine with the world!  YAY for beach balls!!


Aidan goes for a swim.  V gets the ball.

 Balls get thrown out.  She screams and points while reprimanding the boys. 


Miss Bossy Pants continued this the rest of the day.  This shall be a LONG summer, but a cute and refreshing one!

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