Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Washing Machines are Suppose to Drain...right?

The other day I was feeling rather productive and put some clothes in the washing machine...and forgot about them.  This is not uncommon with three kids.  I remembered when my husband went to the store to get groceries and went to throw them in the dryer.

I opened the dryer and saw a  drum full of water.  I thought maybe the button got pulled out somehow and it stopped.  I closed the lid and checked.  No such luck.

I fiddled around with it and saw it wasn't going to drain and heard a weird, wonky sound.  Then I got to have the fun job to wringing out clothing and transferring them to the dryer, which is NOT a fun job but can be made more fun by muttering obscenities to the machine to yourself.

After it was emptied I decided to empty it out of water with a cup and bucket, this was when Eric came home.  He took over and I got to googling new machines.  Our house is about 10ish years old and the washer and dryer came with the house.  I figured it was time for it to die.

On a whim I decided to Google search "Washing machine won't drain" and I am glad I did.  There were two things that could be the culprit.  The hose could be clogged OR the pump could be shot.  At our last house we had the same thing happen.  The pump was shot.  The plumber said it would cost more to fix it than the washing machine was worth.  We said screw that, gave him the machine, and my dad bought us a used one for $50.

So Eric squeezed back behind the machine and took the hose off.  We turned it to spin and water started gushing out.  Luckily we had buckets and towels handy.  A few blobs of goo came out, but not much.  So we knew it had to be the pump.  Just to play it safe we raised the hose up and noticed that nothing was coming out.  Gravity must have been forcing out the water before. It had to be the pump.

As a family of five we can't be without a without a washer for very long.  The boys were out of underpants and I am not about to go to the laundry mat with three kids.

I saw lots of posts about replacing the pump.  Eric didn't think he could do that.  As he said "I am not a plumber."  I looked at some Youtube videos and it looked CRAZY easy.  Like I could do it.  So then I Google searched some pumps.  We have a Whirlpool washing machine.  I found one on Amazon.  The pump suggested price was over $67, but their price was less than $9.  SCORE! I forced Eric to watch the video, he thought it looked easy, so we bought it.

Now we waited.  It took a whopping day to get here.  Seriously.  I love Prime!

So here are so shots from when we replaced it.  SUPER easy!  This is KIND of a tutorial, but you will probably want to watch this video first.  This is how we trained ourselves.

So the first thing you have to do is take off the cover of the washing machine.  The hardest part was trying to figure out how to flip the control panel back.  There were screws that loked like they had to come out, but didn't in the end.  The outside wall of the washing machine is just a piece of metal.  Very lightweight and just slips off.

This is what your clothes spin in.  The washing machine drum.  I am pretty sure that that is just funk inside the wall.  I need to figure out how to clean it.  I find it rather gross.

Our $8.63 pump.  We were HOPING this was the culprit.  We just bought a new dishwasher about a month ago and they idea of having to quickly buy a washing machine as well was something we just didn't want to do.

New pump on the left, old on the right.  If you look at the center of the left it is kind of squared off.  The right is rounded inside.  We think after so many years it just got worn down and was causing it to slip, therefore the pump wasn't pumping.

New pump installed!  Literally all he had to do was unclip the little metal clips on the top and bottom of the pump, squeeze the wire holders on the tubes and move them back so the pump could slide out, put the new pump in place, put the tubes back on, and put the clips back on.  DONE.  It took all of 5 minutes after we got the top off.

We put the casing back on and were done!  Eric originally forgot to slide those clips back to where the pump meets the hoses.  Luckily he remembered and we tilted the machine back and slid them over.  That could have been a HUGE mess.

All back together!!  We even cleaned out the bleach tray before putting it together.  That has been bothering me for a while!

We tried it out and it WORKS!!!!  I am so excited.  $8.63 is much nicer than $400.  The thing that stinks though is now I know the last plumber took us for suckers.

Hopefully someone having this problem with their machine will read this and save a lot of money.


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