Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Yeah...this happened.

I was having a great morning.  The eldest was having a friend come over so I was trying to get the kids fed and clean up a bit.  The boys ate, the girl didn't.  That is normal.  She isn't much of a morning eater.  She is more of a morning grazer.

I was clearing the table and I noticed it was awfully quiet.  Like she wasn't around.  I yelled for her and heard her little voice say "What Mom?".  

It was coming from the "orange room" "Grandma room" "Aidan's study".  It goes by many names.

Since she was in there I figured she was "taking care of business".  She is not potty trained yet, but in the hiding stage.  So I left her alone.  If I try to take her to the potty she freaks out.

I put the dishes in the dishwasher and walked to the room.  I smelled something...NOT THAT.


Why yes.  That IS purple fingernail polish all over the floor....DRIED.
So.  After seeing this I did what any good blogging mom would do.  I grabbed my camera and started taking pictures.

This is the culprit and her legs of shame.   I put her on the chair to get her from tracking it everywhere.   She was proud of her toes though.  She kept saying "Paint toes!  Paint toes!" and pointing.

 After the duty of taking picture was over, I poured myself a cup of Golden Hills "Coasta Rican Tarrazu Fruta de Oro" coffee sent to me from eKoffee.  (Review and giveaway to come tonight!!)  Drank some...ok....a lot.  It is great stuff! 

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Then I got to Googling.  I figured something had to get this off the floor.  I didn't want to use nail polish remover for fear of ruining the finish.    Then I found this post.  It was perfect.  It told three ways to try.  Two didn't work.  One did.  I did the one that did.

Rubbing Alcohol and Elbow Grease

The thinner blobs were easier to get off.  The bottle I have has a squirt top so I just squirted it out onto the spots, let it sit for a few seconds, and then wiped up.  I didn't want it to sit too long.  So not even a minute.  The areas where it was on a bit thicker, it took some rubbing, but still came off rather easily!

First I want to say I hope that this never happens to you!  If it does, I hope that this simple solution gets your floors clean again!

If you have any cleaning tricks to share, leave them in the comments!

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