Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Ozeri WeightMaster Digital Bathroom Scale, with MICROBAN® Antimicrobial Product Protection REVIEW!

Today I have probably one of the most hated items in my life to review.  A scale.  I don't hate it because of what it is.  I love kitchen scales that help with baking.  I just HATE stepping on the scale.

So I must have been without my coffee when I was on Tomoson and saw that there was an opportunity for the Ozeri WeightMaster Digital Bathroom Scale, with MICROBAN® Antimicrobial Product Protection to review and decided that I must have it.  I am glad I did though!

What makes this scale cool, is a few different things.  First, let's discuss the Microban antimocrobial technology. This inhibits the growth of stain-causing bacteria and odor.  Which is a good thing in a bathroom.  This is infused in manufacturing, so it lasts the lifetime of the scale.  On most scales bacteria doubles every 20 minutes.  You step on that...with bare feet.  I will wait while you go scrub yours off.

The scale has a nice black top that isn't slippery at all and it is really thin.  It weighs just under 5 pounds.
I think my ABSOLUTE favorite thing about this scale is the ease of use.  You know how when you walk up to a scale you have to tap it with you foot and wait for it to go to 0.00?  I find it annoying.  No clue why, but  I do.  I like instant satisfaction.  With this scale you walk up and step on.  The number displays, up to a tenth of an ounce, stays around for a few seconds for you to get excited or create your new plan on attack, and turns off to conserve power.

I made a little video of how awesome it is.  I used my kids as the weighers.  I might love you, but not enough to divulge my weight to the entire internet.  ;)

Easy peasy, right?  If you would like to purchase one, you can do so over on Amazon right here----> Ozeri WeightMaster Digital Scale  FYI, that is NOT an affiliate link.  I get no compensation if you click and buy. 

So there you have it!  I really love this scale!  

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Banana-Blueberry Bread

So.  I have a sad, sad food blog, Not a Short Order, that still gets traffic due to Pinterest.  I probably haven't added to it in about a year or so.  I have decided that I am going to start it up again.  Run over there to check it out for the actual recipes.  I have a little tab at the top of the page.  Look up!  ^^^

This past Saturday I was SUPPOSE to be in a craft show that sounded AWESOME.  It was in NODA, which is the arts district here in Charlotte. (NODA=North Davidson, the street)  I say I was SUPPOSE to be in a show, because I was.  The weather looked a bit rough that morning.  There was a 50-60% chance of rain.  I figured it couldn't be THAT bad.  I was wrong.  

I got my tent up at noonish, and put the sides on.  At about 12:15pm the rain started.  IT WAS INSANE.  At one point I was LITERALLY standing in the center of my tent, eating a turkey sandwich, and holding onto my tent for dear life.  I thought it was going to fly away.  

So.  I was not taken to the land of Oz, but I was transported to the land of awesome vendors giving away free produce so they wouldn't have to pack it up.  I paid $10 for the show and I left with:
6 bunches of organic bananas
organic sesame pita bread
organic cinnamon/raisin bagels
about 10 plums
2 packs of dehydrated pineapples (organic)
organic blackberries
blueberry bread (which my boys inhaled in about an hour)
an Old Fashion cupcake (in my belly)
an organic cantaloupe
and a free spot at the next show in November. 


Now.  The question was.  What does one do with 6 bunches of bananas?  My kids are banana junkies, but no one could eat that many.  We are already through 2 bunches though...  I don't want them going to waste and since the boys liked the blueberry bread, which REALLY surprised me since Aidan doesn't like blueberries,  I figured I would whip up a new recipe.  Banana-Blueberry bread

 When I say new, I mean new.  I made it up.  WHOA!  GO ME! 
That would be V's hand.  She was trying to grab it.  I am really surprised by her.  To her this recipe was "yuck it".  

It was INSANELY good.  I might have ate mine and the rest of hers.  It was incredibly moist.  Nate inhaled his slice and asked for more.  Aidan informed me he wasn't hungry.  I might need to make some more and freeze it/pass along to friends this weekend.  I wonder if my friend over at The Pajama Mama would like a loaf.   I am pretty proud of myself for this one!

Head over to here for the recipe!
 Now the question is...what do I do with the rest of the bananas?  Do you have any good suggestions for using up a TON?

Friday, July 26, 2013

Vitacost Review - Beauty Items

I got involved with a blogger group and have the amazing opportunity to try and review numerous items from Vitacost.  I received so many items that I have had to break them up into three separate posts!
Seriously!  Look at all the awesomeness I received!!
First things first.  Let's discuss beauty.  

Two of the beauty items I received were for the face.  From MyChelle Dermaceuticals I received the "hello, beautiful" Age Defense collection.  You know...because I am getting old and need to start watching those lines!
 I LOVED the box.  Purple is my favorite color, so they kinda made me start loving them from the start.  This is a miniature kit.  All the bottles are tiny, but more than one usage per bottle.   When you slide off the outer packaging, you can open up the wrap and it has all the ingredients of the products as well as the directions for some of them.
 See?  Tiny and cute.  All the items smell awesome.  They go on nicely and I really enjoy how the complete system is in here.  You have a cleanser, peeler, firming serum, enzyme mist, night cream, and an SPF lotion.  Well worth the pricetag of $15.99  If you like some, or all, of the items Vitacost carries them in larger sizes!  I really need to order more of the pumpkin cleanser. 

As of right now I am still wrinkle free.  Fingers crossed this helps me stay that way!

The next item, and my current obsession, is the blum naturals Dry & Sensitive skin wipes

I LOVE THESE.  I don't go anywhere without at least mascara on.  I can be makeup free, but I still need that.  These have a FANTASTIC smell and take off my makeup super easily.  LOVE LOVE LOVE.  Did I say I love them?  The box I received comprised of 10 individually wrapped towelettes.  

They also do sell them in a 30 count package.  You can totally buy me some if you want to.  I won't mind.  The box I received is awesome though, because I can throw one in my purse and freshen up after a long day at a craft show.  Which I have tomorrow.  Being outside for 8+ hours in the sun does not equal a clean fresh face feeling.  This will help with that.

If you are a gym person, use it after that!  LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Speaking of love.  The last product I received is for those, ummm...intimate moments.  Aloe Cadabra is 95% organic aloe and enriched with Vitamin E.  No yucky chemicals!  It is free of parabens, glycerin and harmful petroleum products.  Yay for natural!

So there you have it!  WONDERFUL products.  I love how cost effective Vitacost is.  Their prices are VERY reasonable and as you have seen, they have more than just vitamins.

One thing I have been doing for a while now is their friend referral program.  BASICALLY you sign up for the program.  When you have a friend come over through your link and spend $30 for the first time, they save $10 and YOU get a $10 credit towards your next $30 or more purchase.  SCORE!

So....if you want to click this handy link right here you will go through my special page and you can claim your reward!   Awesomesauce, right?

Disclaimer: Vitacost provided me with free samples of these product to review.  I was under no obligation to write a positive review.  All pictures and opinions are my own.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Little Passports...Month two!

 *Affiliate links enclosed
The boys are still LOVING their subscription box.  We received it a couple of weeks ago, but Aidan was in camp and got home late everyday and I wanted him to be alert when we opened it.

Just a little rehash for you.  Little Passports is a monthly subscription box service for kids ages 5-12.  They have two different types of boxes.  We subscribe to the World edition, ages 5 and up.  The US edition, starts at age 7.  It is just a bit too old for the Nater.  Click here to read my review of the first month and to learn more about it!

This month Sam and Sophia traveled to Brazil!

 Last month we received a big box which included the suitcase to hold all the items, so this month we received a padded envelope stocked full of goodies!

 This time we got Eric in on the fun.  This month in the package we received the stone you saw up top, a new boarding pass with a code to access new games, a sticker for the map, a stamp to put in the passport, a picture, a sticker for the suitcase, and an activity sheet!

 Brazil is known for amethysts, so the gift this month was one of those.  I thought that was rather cool.  It went along with our gem mining that we did this month!

 One of the games this month was a picture hunt in the rainforest.  That ant is REALLY hard to find.  I found it though!  The guys couldn't.   
 There was also a word scramble game where you had to find the correct country.  All of the countries bordered Brazil, so it wasn't THAT tricky.  As you can see, Nate wasn't looking in the correct spot.

 Aidan, 7yo, got it!  he did a great job!  When you figured out the word it had a letter highlighted in each word.  That letter went down into a puzzle to get a clue as to where they are going next month.  I have to say, I really do love this subscription box and the boys MIGHT lose their prize next month.  I peeked at the site and saw what it is.  I am rather excited about it.

We didn't play the games last month, just because our laptop likes to overheat a lot and once they get on the computer it is HARD to get them off.  We played the games this month and Nate LOVED the Brazil soccer game.  Nate picked to be Sam of course and I don't think he lost a single match to Sophia!  GO SAM!

I really can't wait until next month!  If you have kids around the age of 5-12 I HIGHLY recommend this box.  Go check out Little Passports for yourself!  They have numerous subscription levels available.  You can do as easy as one month, or go ahead and buy the year!  This would make an AMAZING gift.  I would love to receive this for the kids.  Fun and education in one!
Disclaimer: Little Passports provided me with this box free of charge to review.  I was under no obligation to write a positive review.  All pictures and opinions are my own.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Digging in the dirt with kids

When I was growing up there was NOTHING more awesome than driving up to the mountains, getting a bucket of dirt shoved full with gem stones, and uncovering them in the sluiceway. (Long wooden channel which water runs through)

We finally took the kids and I was STOKED.  We went to Hiddenite, NC which is about an hour from where we live.  For $5 each we got a "permit" and a bucket of dirt.  Luckily we went early and they didn't charge us for V.

 V was super prepared with 3 whistles with compasses embedded in them, a bell bracelet, and her shoes on the wrong feet.
 I absolutely ADORE pictures of my family walking.  No clue why.  But I find it adorable.
 Working the sluice-way, family style.
Basically how it goes is you get a bucket of dirt with stuff in it.  You put some of that dirt in the trays, shake it around in the water, and BOOM!  you find stones.  You can also use the brush to brush away the dirt.  V liked to clean the brush in the water.
 Scrub a dub dub.
 V lasted about 10 minutes then found my phone.
 Water flowing through a seive.
 Dirt in.

 Scrub scrub scrub.
 Shake shake shake.
 Nate's loot!  He got a bag full of the stones from his bucket as well as Eric's bucket. Then he lost it...  Literally.  He lost his bag.  I called the mine and none were turned in.  They remembered us being there and they are sending a box of stones just for Nate!  I had to mail them a postage paid box.  I am 99.9% sure it won't be AMAZING quality, but still.  The boy needs souvenirs and they didn't have to mail us anything, you know?  This makes them awesome in my eyes.
 Miss Stickyfingers stole mine.
 Incase you can't tell...Aidan HATED the experience.  ;)  He hated it SO much we had to do another bucket together.
 This picture of V breaks my heart.  She looks SO big running.  Where did my baby go?
 Aidan and I.  Eric did not inform me that my tank top was riding is the only useable picture of just me and him.
 Aidan photobombed Nate.
 GOSH.  We had such a good time.  We drove one hour, to mine for one hour, to drive home another hour.  I would totally do it again.  

Monday, July 22, 2013

Noxicare. Natural Pain Relief *UPDATED*

Today's giveaway is a bit different, as I haven't received it yet to sample.

Through Tomoson I was given the opportunity to host a giveaway from Noxicare, which is an all natural pain relief cream.

Noxicare uses 7 natural pain relievers to help alleviate muscle, joint, and nerve pain in an odorless, natural, non greasy cream.  These 7 ingredients (and a brief description of their benefits) are:
  • Turmeric Extract - anti-inflammatory
  • Willow Bark Extract - anti-inflammatory
  • Ginger Extract - alleviate muscle strain
  • Holy Basil Extract -anti-inflammatory
  • Rosemary Extract -topical use for joint pain
  • Alpha Lipoic Acids- increase blood flow to nerves
  • Boswellia Extract- anti-inflamatory
I, for one, am excited to try this new pain relief cream and see if it works for me and my plantar fasciitis!   Having foot pain is NO fun at all.  Want to try it as well?  TWO lucky readers, in the US, get to try a tube for themselves!  Here's how:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

FYI.  I do check entries.  Please play fair!  The contest runs through July 29th at 12am.  The winners MUST respond back within 48 hours.  If not, I will draw another.  Noxicare will ship out the product themselves by August 30th, 2013.  The House of Boys...& a Girl is NOT responsible for shipping.

Much to my surprise I received the tube in the mail today!  I currently have no aches, so I still can not vouch for the pain relieving claims.  I CAN say though, that it does NOT have an odor.  Seriously.  No gross medicine smell.  No flowery smell, which you might expect with natural products.  Nothing really.  I put it on and that was that.

The claim of non-greasy is correct.  I rubbed some on my leg.  On my leg it rubbed right in.  No weird greasy feeling.  On my hand, it was smooth.  Does that make sense at all?  It wasn't greasy, but it felt like something was there, but not in a "I have to run to the bathroom to wash this off" kind of way.  Eventually the "smooth" feel went away.

On one hand I hope I can try out this out for the pain relieving claims BEFORE the contest is over...but on the other hand...I kind of hope I don't. lol

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

 All information about the cream and the claims it made come from their website,  I have not yet tried this cream and can't vouch for it's abilities...YET.

Thursday, July 18, 2013


This morning I woke up to an infestation.  They seem to be sweeping the lands lately.  I hear there is really no known cure.  I pray you don't get infested as well.  What is this an infestation of you ask?


Though they are not deadly, not poisonous, they can't hurt you in any way (other than being incredibly annoying)  According to Spongebob Squarepants, they look like this:


Basically it is a catchy song that repeats in your head OVER and OVER again.  They say the only way to get rid of it is to replace it with another. 

So.  This morning I woke up with a song stuck in my head.  While it makes me feel fabulous and want to dance around in a cocktail dress, it is getting rather annoying at this point.  What song is it, you ask.  

The Girl from Ipanema

This is annoying on two levels.  
  • One.  I wasn't even born at the point it was released (1964)  At least my earworm could be current.   
  • Two.  I don't know all the words.  She kind of whispers and mumbles.  I know the girl is dark and lovely, a guy smiles at her and she walks by without seeing him.  Oh...and she is tan.
So.  My plan today is to get the song stuck in your head and maybe you can leave a comment of your earworm and we can trade!

Now.  Go dance around with a cocktail dress on and sing.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

SodaStream. Time to get my Fizz on!

This had to be one of the most refreshing, fun reviews to do.  I have wanted a SodaStream for YEARS.  I also have a bit of a kitchen gadget obsession.  I love all kinds of kitchen things.  NORMALLY, I love them for about 2 weeks and then it goes in a closet or cabinet.  This was not one of those.  I LOVE THIS.  I love it so much.  

With SodaStream you don't have to worry about picking up soda at the store and carrying it home.  You reuse the bottles, so no trash.  There are OVER 100 varieties to choose from, so you can find something to fit your taste.  Kids can help out.  All three of my kids, Veronica included, have had their turn fizzing the water.  

The coolest thing is, you can make it how you like it.   Want it sweeter?  Add more syrup.  Want less bubbles?  Use 2 buzzes.  More bubbles...use 4.  Want to mix some flavors?  Have at it!

When I contacted SodaStream and they agreed to let me try it out, I was ecstatic.  Then the box came and I could not be any more thrilled.  Inside was a plethora of types of mixes to try, and try I did.
What was sent for me to review was the SodaStream Fountain Jet, seltzer water flavors, 3 all natural cane sugar mixes, and 5 regular mixes.

I hope you are comfy, I have a lot to review!

The machine.  I received the Fountain Jet starter Kit.  With this kit you get the unit, 1 carbonator, 1 bottle, three flavors of your choice (mine were chosen for me), and the Sodamix Variety Pack.  The Variety Pack is just 6 little assorted bottles of mix.  Each little bottle makes one liter, which equals four servings.  This is an awesome was to try out numerous different flavors without much financial risk. 

If I wouldn't have had some chosen for me, I would have never found my favorite.  On to the mixes!
In my box o'fizz, I received three larger bottles.  These are from the Sparkling Natural line.  They describe them as "better for you" sodas.  No artificial flavors, no artificial colors, no artificial sweeteners, no preservatives.  Since these are "without" a lot of things, you do need to keep them in the refrigerator once opened.

My absolute FAVORITE flavor is the Black Currant & Pear.  Sounds weird, right?  DELICIOUS.  It isn't overly sweet.  It has a rather light taste to it.  I could drink it all day.

The Cola was good.  It tasted like any cola.  I couldn't pin point which of the big two it was more like.  If you are a die hard Coke or Pepsi fan, you may not dig it as much since it doesn't taste exactly like one or the other.    I don't have a strong preference either way, so I liked it!

The Ginger Ale had a sweeter taste to it than the ginger ale I am use to.  I am use to ginger ale having more of a kick to it.  I liked it though!

The next 5 bottles I received were 2 regular SodaStream flavors and three diet

The regular flavors do not contain high-fructose corn syrup and have less sugar, calories, carbs, and sodium than regular soda.  Yeah, you read that right.  Sodium, aka salt, in soda.

The diet are aspartame free and sweetened with Splenda.

Out of all the flavors, Eric liked the Cranberry-Raspberry the best.   I think it was my second favorite.  I liked how light it is.  I have not tried the rootbeer.  I had an issue as a kid and I have sworn it off.  Eric tried it.  He said he liked it.

With the diet soda mixes, the Pink Grapefruit reminded me of Fresca.  I use to LOVE Fresca.  This was a nice surprise.  I really enjoy this one!  The Cola Free, reminded me of the Coke Zero, which is what we typically buy.  Not EXACTLY the same, but similar enough to squash the craving!  The Diet Lemon/Lime tasted like your typical lemon-lime soda.  I couldn't pin point exactly which one it favored more, but definitely enjoyable

The last thing I received was a little packet of "my water"Don't let the size of these tiny bottles fool you.  They will flavor about 20 liters of water.  I am not a huge seltzer water fan, but this makes getting your daily allotment of water in, more fun.  They are unsweetened and only use all-natural flavor.

There were three things I went out and purchased on my own.  The kit only came with one bottle and I knew that wouldn't cut it, so I went out and purchased a two pack. These are sold in numerous locations and I HIGHLY suggest getting a set.

I also took Aidan out with me and he INSISTED on the Kool-Aid Tropical Punch.  The kiddo has been sporting a red Kool-Aid mustache ever since.  He asks for bubbly Kool-Aid every day.

I was also excited and saw a Cream Soda mix.  Meh. The cream soda didn't have the "cream" taste to it.  It was alright, but I probably won't purchase it again.

So there you have it!  Did you survive the huge review?  Since you get to see me demo my machine!  Yippee for you!

Now.  Go get fizzy.

 I was given these amazing items to review from SodaStream, but was under no obligation to write a positive review.  The impressions are all my own.   

Monday, July 15, 2013

Longest summer EVER

I love my kids.  I love my life.  I love my husband.  But my goodness.  This has to be the longest summer ever.
With three kiddos all at home and living on one income (minus what I get from my shop online and at market/craft shows) it gets tough.  We can't afford to send the kids to camp all summer.  Have you SEEN the cost of summer camp?  Aidan went to one last week and we got it at a discount.  Four days for $115.  CRAZY.  He had a blast though!  YAY SCIENCE CAMP!

I try to keep my cool and stay calm.  I HATE yelling.   We run around.  Last week we went to the Science museum, (My mom got us a yearly membership for Christmas) but you can't do that every day.

So...we try to make due at the house. This past week it rained and rained and rained.  I am also in works of trying to get my craft room done.  So I have stuff to do in the house and three VERY bored kiddos running around.  Did I mention barking dogs?  UGH.  Anyone want a couple of senior dogs who like to bark...a lot?  (Just kidding.  I love them...for now)

Do any of you have any QUIET ideas of things we can do in the house this summer?  I would love to hear them!

Did you hear that the Twinkie is coming back??  Tomorrow we are trying out a homemade Twinkie recipe.  That should keep the kiddos entertained for about 5 minutes.  lol

Some days I just feel like a flop of a mom.  It seems like there is no appeasing the beasts.  

I feel like an inexperienced sheep herder.  Running this way and that way trying to keep the kids corralled and not lost.  I know it is a fleeting thing and everyday isn't like this, but my goodness....when does school start again?

The rambling of this post...yeah....they did that to me today.


Saturday, July 13, 2013

Zaggora Hotpants review!

NO....not THOSE hotpants.  Zaggora Hotpants.  Have you heard of them?

In my quest for fitness, which I am failing at MISERABLY this summer (Having three kids home from school and a business I run from the home doesn't give me much free time), I ran across these pants.

The premise behind these pants is that it raises your basic body temperature and increase the caloric burn.  To read more about how they work and information on the research click here.

I have had the pants for a while now and have been meaning to do the 2 week challenge.  I have had such a hard time getting in exercise this summer.  I need to get my butt in gear and just do it.  The two week challenge is you wear them for 30-60 minutes a day (at least) for two weeks, and you suppose to loose 2 pants sizes.    

I vow to start Monday.  Feel free to kick me in the pants if I don't.  (But not My Zaggora's)

I was given a pair of the Fold Over Hotpants to review.   I will not subject you to a picture of me in my pants.    These pictures are from the Zaggora site.  I claim no rights to them.  I wish I could though!  One day!

What I really love about these pants is the foldover top.  Being a mom of three I have a good amount of tummy to suck in. Exercise pants, especially tight ones, have a tendency to go below the belly.  With these pants they stay in place!!   No pulling up and adjusting!  They are AWESOME.  Also, this little flap makes me feel less self conscious.  Even though it isn't a skirt, it still feels like there is more coverage there.  

The pants are VERY snug and meant to be that way.  The first time I put them on, it was a shock.  They are multi-layered, so it was a pull up a bit, wiggle, pull up a bit, wiggle.  The pants feel similar to scuba pants.  They have a neoprene feel.  Very smooth.  Not cottony.   

The first time I put them on they were rather itchy.  That is normal for me though.  I have super sensitive skin.  EVERYTHING makes me itchy.  I have another friend who has a pair and she said she didn't find them itchy at all.  Everyone is different!  I can wear them now without a challenge.

The "Hotpants" aspect is dead on.  These pants will make you sweat, but not in a super gross way, at least for me.  I have used them working out and when I took them off, I could wring out the pants and what was under them.  Gross right?  But sweat happens!  Just wearing the pants around the house, still heats you up, but not as bad.  I wasn't dripping.

One more thing...they pick up dog hair like no ones business, but doesn't all black clothing?  Just be warned if you have a shedding pet and exercise on the floor!

So come back here on  August 5th and see the results of my Two Week Challenge!  And if I don't have results, kick me in the booty.

 OK.  Since I said I would do the challenge.  Here is my before. judging. CAN judge, but keep it to yourself, mmkay?  Maybe if I do this I will buy myself one of their shirts!!

 And here is a close-up of the pants with the logo.  I REALLY dig their logo. 
Feel free to watch their awesome video as well!  Women are awesome, aren't we?

I was given a pair of Zaggora Fold Over hotpants to review, but was under no obligation to write a positive review.  The impressions are all my own.