Monday, July 29, 2013

Banana-Blueberry Bread

So.  I have a sad, sad food blog, Not a Short Order, that still gets traffic due to Pinterest.  I probably haven't added to it in about a year or so.  I have decided that I am going to start it up again.  Run over there to check it out for the actual recipes.  I have a little tab at the top of the page.  Look up!  ^^^

This past Saturday I was SUPPOSE to be in a craft show that sounded AWESOME.  It was in NODA, which is the arts district here in Charlotte. (NODA=North Davidson, the street)  I say I was SUPPOSE to be in a show, because I was.  The weather looked a bit rough that morning.  There was a 50-60% chance of rain.  I figured it couldn't be THAT bad.  I was wrong.  

I got my tent up at noonish, and put the sides on.  At about 12:15pm the rain started.  IT WAS INSANE.  At one point I was LITERALLY standing in the center of my tent, eating a turkey sandwich, and holding onto my tent for dear life.  I thought it was going to fly away.  

So.  I was not taken to the land of Oz, but I was transported to the land of awesome vendors giving away free produce so they wouldn't have to pack it up.  I paid $10 for the show and I left with:
6 bunches of organic bananas
organic sesame pita bread
organic cinnamon/raisin bagels
about 10 plums
2 packs of dehydrated pineapples (organic)
organic blackberries
blueberry bread (which my boys inhaled in about an hour)
an Old Fashion cupcake (in my belly)
an organic cantaloupe
and a free spot at the next show in November. 


Now.  The question was.  What does one do with 6 bunches of bananas?  My kids are banana junkies, but no one could eat that many.  We are already through 2 bunches though...  I don't want them going to waste and since the boys liked the blueberry bread, which REALLY surprised me since Aidan doesn't like blueberries,  I figured I would whip up a new recipe.  Banana-Blueberry bread

 When I say new, I mean new.  I made it up.  WHOA!  GO ME! 
That would be V's hand.  She was trying to grab it.  I am really surprised by her.  To her this recipe was "yuck it".  

It was INSANELY good.  I might have ate mine and the rest of hers.  It was incredibly moist.  Nate inhaled his slice and asked for more.  Aidan informed me he wasn't hungry.  I might need to make some more and freeze it/pass along to friends this weekend.  I wonder if my friend over at The Pajama Mama would like a loaf.   I am pretty proud of myself for this one!

Head over to here for the recipe!
 Now the question is...what do I do with the rest of the bananas?  Do you have any good suggestions for using up a TON?


  1. Man, that looks freaking awesome! And I love bananas and blueberries! Will have to try it (although I SUCK at baking!)

    1. This was SERIOUSLY easy. Mix, pour, done.

  2. This is so good. So. Effing. Good. No one else got any. I wish I was joking.