Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Fourth of July shirts!

The Fourth of July is upon us and I felt like I was slacking in the crafting world.  My friend over at To be determined...  made ADORABLE shirts at a playdate the other day.  I was inspired and felt the need to make some as well, but I had no shirts.

As luck would have it, we ran out of bread...again.  So last night I made a run to Wal-Mart and picked up some shirts and paint.  I was going to do the same as her, the little hand print flags, but when I was grabbing additional paint off the craft shelf in the garage, I realized I had some "glow in the dark" paint.

My plans changed!

I started out washing my shirts last night and drying them.  No fabric softener of course!  Fabric softener puts chemicals on your clothing making it softer, but also makes it hard for things to adhere to it.  So, NO FABRIC SOFTENER!  Dryer balls are a natural, great alternative!  I have had mine for years and LOVE them.  

Make sure to put something inside your shirt.  I slid a piece of old cardboard inside ours.  It helps to add stability as well as keep the shirt from sticking to the back side.

 Nate forced me to take this picture.
And this picture.
 The project started out so nice and neat.  Then V got mad that I didn't let her use the paintbrush.  This is where it got a bit messy.
 So.  How this was SUPPOSE to go was you paint your child's hand red.  They put it on the shirt with their fingers apart.  Then you wipe off their hand and do it with blue.  You place the next hand print overlapping the first.  Repeat.  You end up having 2 red and 2 blue.  They form the fireworks.  

V was doing it for a bit.  Then decided to just paint everywhere.  You can see the two red and one blue.  Then blue handprints went all over. Followed by purple, yellow, blue, etc.
 She ended up having unicorn hands when it was done.  The shiny paint was stuck all over.  She was walking around saying "Unicorn hands".  Totally cute.  I want unicorn hands.

After the initial handprints were done and I got V off watercolor painting, I whipped out the Glow in the dark paint.

 It is sort of hard to see on these shirts.  The white you see is the glow in the dark paint.    You can see it better in a minute.  The first shirt is V's.  I think it is rather cool.  Now the $20,000 is, will she wear it?
 This is Nate's shirt.  We originally put his year in black.  Then he got mad that Aidan's was in glow in the dark.  So I wrote over the black with that.
 Aidan's shirt!  He wanted moons and stuff.  I said later.  This is for the Fourth!  I think I see shirt making in our future this summer.  The boys thought it was awesome.
 I am really excited about these next pictures for a few reasons.  
1)  They look awesome.
2)  I took these in a dark bathroom and they aren't all blurry!  It is hard staying still.  I couldn't find my tripod.

The first one is Nate's shirt.
 Then we have Aidan's shirt.
 Last, but not least, V's.  For some reason I could not get a non blurry picture of hers.
 This is just a shot from watercolor painting.  She kept yelling "Take picture MOM!"  

I think I might be camera happy.  ;)
 There is still time!  Go get crafty with your kiddos for the Fourth of July!  Make sure to let the paint dry for the recommended time (mine was four hours) and you are good to go!


  1. Wow! The glow in the dark paint is SO COOL!

  2. Thanks!! I am so glad I found it! The kids are super excited about it.