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Little Passports. Travel to a new location without leaving home!

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If your kids are like mine, the LOVE getting mail.  The boys are too smart at this point to take any old piece of junk mail and think it is theirs.  They know good mail.  The challenge I find is that most people don't mail letters anymore.  My kids get the occasional post card from Grandma when on vacation, holiday cards, and maybe packages at their birthday.  And let's get real.  Cards are cool and all, but for kiddos packages are where it is at.

I recently fell into the subscription box world and was looking around for boxes for kids.  I wanted something not food related, not clothing, and educational.  I wanted something that they kids would look forward to opening.  I found it!

Little Passports is an awesome monthly subscription box.  There are two different types you can choose from.  The USA edition or the World Edition.  The USA edition is recommended for kids aged 7-12.  The hosts, Sam and Sophia visit two states a month and send items every month about the areas. The first month with this edition you receive the Discovery kit.  The kit gets you ready for the following months.  After the first month every month you receive stickers, postcards, a journal, and popout models!

Since the age range was too high for Nate, I went with the World edition.  Being a person who likes to do foreign traveling, I wanted to see what came with this one as well.  The age recommendation  for this edition is 5-10.  So perfect for the kiddos.

I didn't tell them this was coming.  They were super excited to see it when it showed up!

The first month with the World edition Little Passports sends items you need for the rest of the months.  Isn't this is the cutest thing ever?  You get a little travel suitcase.

Do you see the partial smile on "too cool to smile" Aidan?

Digging through the loot.
 The first month you get:
  • suitcase
  • passport
  • activity sheets
  • stickers
  • world map
  • a picture
  • a letter from Sam
  • a boarding pass
 Above is Sam and Sophia.  In the letter you receive it talks about HOW Sam and Sophia are able to go around the world.  I don't want to give away too much info, but it includes GPS and a special scooter.  

After reading the letter Nate wanted to take a picture to send to Sam since he would be sending him mail every month.  He posed for this picture and SPECIFICALLY said I had to mail THIS picture to Sam.

With this box I really enjoyed the learning aspect of it.  There were activities where you had to match numbers to get letter to spell out words.  

What is this?  Activity sheets in the summer...willingly?
 There was a "find the hidden map" puzzle.
Nate liked this one.  He was pointing them out to Aidan.
 My absolute favorite activity was the one which you found out where they are traveling to next month.  For this activity you had to find a certain country on the map, find the capital (they explained how the capitals are marked with special stars on the map) and write the name of the city in the spaces on the sheet.  Then you took the first letter of each word to spell out the next country.  Mr. Smartypants Aidan told me he already knew how to do this. 

Finding Turkey.  The country, not the bird.  We had that discussion.

Aidan informed me that the passport was not necessary at this point.  Those come in the following months.

Aidan wrote his and Nate's name in the suitcase.  That makes it official.  The box is a hit!

 The kit also comes with a boarding pass that you do not want to lose.  It has a special code where you can access games and activities on line.  You do not want to lose this.  I recommend hooking it to the case.

For the next two months the kids will receive a package chocked full of items from the next country.  Each package will have:
  • a letter from Sam and Sophia
  • fun souvenirs (examples: Sushi eraser from Japan, Egypt pyramid dig kit, etc)
  • stickers for the suitcase, passport, and map!
  • photos
  • and more boarding passes!
I think that this is an AMAZING box and it is priced so well!  For the 3, 6, and 12 month subscriptions you pay a one time fee.  The 12 month ends up being the cheapest option overall when you break it down per month.  It ends up being $10.95 per month for a total of $131.40.  The 3 and 6 month subscriptions break down to $13.95 per month.   This option would make an amazing gift for someone in your life!   I know my kids have a ton of toys, but this would be a gift that kept giving!

The  month to month option  is $11.95 per month.  With this choice you have the ability to cancel at anytime and of course are billed monthly.

The boys are getting to experience at least three months. Would you like to as well?  I have the amazing opportunity to share with you a giveaway!  Little Passports is giving away a three month subscription to one lucky reader in the US!  Here's how!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
 Please play fair.  I check the entries.  No cheating!!

Disclaimer: Little Passports provided me with this box free of charge to review.  I was under no obligation to write a positive review.  All pictures and opinions are my own. 

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