Thursday, July 25, 2013

Little Passports...Month two!

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The boys are still LOVING their subscription box.  We received it a couple of weeks ago, but Aidan was in camp and got home late everyday and I wanted him to be alert when we opened it.

Just a little rehash for you.  Little Passports is a monthly subscription box service for kids ages 5-12.  They have two different types of boxes.  We subscribe to the World edition, ages 5 and up.  The US edition, starts at age 7.  It is just a bit too old for the Nater.  Click here to read my review of the first month and to learn more about it!

This month Sam and Sophia traveled to Brazil!

 Last month we received a big box which included the suitcase to hold all the items, so this month we received a padded envelope stocked full of goodies!

 This time we got Eric in on the fun.  This month in the package we received the stone you saw up top, a new boarding pass with a code to access new games, a sticker for the map, a stamp to put in the passport, a picture, a sticker for the suitcase, and an activity sheet!

 Brazil is known for amethysts, so the gift this month was one of those.  I thought that was rather cool.  It went along with our gem mining that we did this month!

 One of the games this month was a picture hunt in the rainforest.  That ant is REALLY hard to find.  I found it though!  The guys couldn't.   
 There was also a word scramble game where you had to find the correct country.  All of the countries bordered Brazil, so it wasn't THAT tricky.  As you can see, Nate wasn't looking in the correct spot.

 Aidan, 7yo, got it!  he did a great job!  When you figured out the word it had a letter highlighted in each word.  That letter went down into a puzzle to get a clue as to where they are going next month.  I have to say, I really do love this subscription box and the boys MIGHT lose their prize next month.  I peeked at the site and saw what it is.  I am rather excited about it.

We didn't play the games last month, just because our laptop likes to overheat a lot and once they get on the computer it is HARD to get them off.  We played the games this month and Nate LOVED the Brazil soccer game.  Nate picked to be Sam of course and I don't think he lost a single match to Sophia!  GO SAM!

I really can't wait until next month!  If you have kids around the age of 5-12 I HIGHLY recommend this box.  Go check out Little Passports for yourself!  They have numerous subscription levels available.  You can do as easy as one month, or go ahead and buy the year!  This would make an AMAZING gift.  I would love to receive this for the kids.  Fun and education in one!
Disclaimer: Little Passports provided me with this box free of charge to review.  I was under no obligation to write a positive review.  All pictures and opinions are my own.

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