Tuesday, July 16, 2013

SodaStream. Time to get my Fizz on!

This had to be one of the most refreshing, fun reviews to do.  I have wanted a SodaStream for YEARS.  I also have a bit of a kitchen gadget obsession.  I love all kinds of kitchen things.  NORMALLY, I love them for about 2 weeks and then it goes in a closet or cabinet.  This was not one of those.  I LOVE THIS.  I love it so much.  

With SodaStream you don't have to worry about picking up soda at the store and carrying it home.  You reuse the bottles, so no trash.  There are OVER 100 varieties to choose from, so you can find something to fit your taste.  Kids can help out.  All three of my kids, Veronica included, have had their turn fizzing the water.  

The coolest thing is, you can make it how you like it.   Want it sweeter?  Add more syrup.  Want less bubbles?  Use 2 buzzes.  More bubbles...use 4.  Want to mix some flavors?  Have at it!

When I contacted SodaStream and they agreed to let me try it out, I was ecstatic.  Then the box came and I could not be any more thrilled.  Inside was a plethora of types of mixes to try, and try I did.
What was sent for me to review was the SodaStream Fountain Jet, seltzer water flavors, 3 all natural cane sugar mixes, and 5 regular mixes.

I hope you are comfy, I have a lot to review!

The machine.  I received the Fountain Jet starter Kit.  With this kit you get the unit, 1 carbonator, 1 bottle, three flavors of your choice (mine were chosen for me), and the Sodamix Variety Pack.  The Variety Pack is just 6 little assorted bottles of mix.  Each little bottle makes one liter, which equals four servings.  This is an awesome was to try out numerous different flavors without much financial risk. 

If I wouldn't have had some chosen for me, I would have never found my favorite.  On to the mixes!
In my box o'fizz, I received three larger bottles.  These are from the Sparkling Natural line.  They describe them as "better for you" sodas.  No artificial flavors, no artificial colors, no artificial sweeteners, no preservatives.  Since these are "without" a lot of things, you do need to keep them in the refrigerator once opened.

My absolute FAVORITE flavor is the Black Currant & Pear.  Sounds weird, right?  DELICIOUS.  It isn't overly sweet.  It has a rather light taste to it.  I could drink it all day.

The Cola was good.  It tasted like any cola.  I couldn't pin point which of the big two it was more like.  If you are a die hard Coke or Pepsi fan, you may not dig it as much since it doesn't taste exactly like one or the other.    I don't have a strong preference either way, so I liked it!

The Ginger Ale had a sweeter taste to it than the ginger ale I am use to.  I am use to ginger ale having more of a kick to it.  I liked it though!

The next 5 bottles I received were 2 regular SodaStream flavors and three diet

The regular flavors do not contain high-fructose corn syrup and have less sugar, calories, carbs, and sodium than regular soda.  Yeah, you read that right.  Sodium, aka salt, in soda.

The diet are aspartame free and sweetened with Splenda.

Out of all the flavors, Eric liked the Cranberry-Raspberry the best.   I think it was my second favorite.  I liked how light it is.  I have not tried the rootbeer.  I had an issue as a kid and I have sworn it off.  Eric tried it.  He said he liked it.

With the diet soda mixes, the Pink Grapefruit reminded me of Fresca.  I use to LOVE Fresca.  This was a nice surprise.  I really enjoy this one!  The Cola Free, reminded me of the Coke Zero, which is what we typically buy.  Not EXACTLY the same, but similar enough to squash the craving!  The Diet Lemon/Lime tasted like your typical lemon-lime soda.  I couldn't pin point exactly which one it favored more, but definitely enjoyable

The last thing I received was a little packet of "my water"Don't let the size of these tiny bottles fool you.  They will flavor about 20 liters of water.  I am not a huge seltzer water fan, but this makes getting your daily allotment of water in, more fun.  They are unsweetened and only use all-natural flavor.

There were three things I went out and purchased on my own.  The kit only came with one bottle and I knew that wouldn't cut it, so I went out and purchased a two pack. These are sold in numerous locations and I HIGHLY suggest getting a set.

I also took Aidan out with me and he INSISTED on the Kool-Aid Tropical Punch.  The kiddo has been sporting a red Kool-Aid mustache ever since.  He asks for bubbly Kool-Aid every day.

I was also excited and saw a Cream Soda mix.  Meh. The cream soda didn't have the "cream" taste to it.  It was alright, but I probably won't purchase it again.

So there you have it!  Did you survive the huge review?  Since you did...you get to see me demo my machine!  Yippee for you!

Now.  Go get fizzy.

 I was given these amazing items to review from SodaStream, but was under no obligation to write a positive review.  The impressions are all my own.   


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    1. Thanks! I felt super self conscious. :)

  2. I love my SS!! I've had it for about 4 years, and I've only used the mixes twice. I like the cane sugar cola one, but what I normally do is just drink the sparkly water, sometimes with lime and pomegranate juice. And at our going away party, we carbonated some white wine to make hobomosas...try it!

    One more thing - I think the sound it makes when you release it is like the sound of the brakes on a steel roller coaster. :)