Friday, July 26, 2013

Vitacost Review - Beauty Items

I got involved with a blogger group and have the amazing opportunity to try and review numerous items from Vitacost.  I received so many items that I have had to break them up into three separate posts!
Seriously!  Look at all the awesomeness I received!!
First things first.  Let's discuss beauty.  

Two of the beauty items I received were for the face.  From MyChelle Dermaceuticals I received the "hello, beautiful" Age Defense collection.  You know...because I am getting old and need to start watching those lines!
 I LOVED the box.  Purple is my favorite color, so they kinda made me start loving them from the start.  This is a miniature kit.  All the bottles are tiny, but more than one usage per bottle.   When you slide off the outer packaging, you can open up the wrap and it has all the ingredients of the products as well as the directions for some of them.
 See?  Tiny and cute.  All the items smell awesome.  They go on nicely and I really enjoy how the complete system is in here.  You have a cleanser, peeler, firming serum, enzyme mist, night cream, and an SPF lotion.  Well worth the pricetag of $15.99  If you like some, or all, of the items Vitacost carries them in larger sizes!  I really need to order more of the pumpkin cleanser. 

As of right now I am still wrinkle free.  Fingers crossed this helps me stay that way!

The next item, and my current obsession, is the blum naturals Dry & Sensitive skin wipes

I LOVE THESE.  I don't go anywhere without at least mascara on.  I can be makeup free, but I still need that.  These have a FANTASTIC smell and take off my makeup super easily.  LOVE LOVE LOVE.  Did I say I love them?  The box I received comprised of 10 individually wrapped towelettes.  

They also do sell them in a 30 count package.  You can totally buy me some if you want to.  I won't mind.  The box I received is awesome though, because I can throw one in my purse and freshen up after a long day at a craft show.  Which I have tomorrow.  Being outside for 8+ hours in the sun does not equal a clean fresh face feeling.  This will help with that.

If you are a gym person, use it after that!  LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Speaking of love.  The last product I received is for those, ummm...intimate moments.  Aloe Cadabra is 95% organic aloe and enriched with Vitamin E.  No yucky chemicals!  It is free of parabens, glycerin and harmful petroleum products.  Yay for natural!

So there you have it!  WONDERFUL products.  I love how cost effective Vitacost is.  Their prices are VERY reasonable and as you have seen, they have more than just vitamins.

One thing I have been doing for a while now is their friend referral program.  BASICALLY you sign up for the program.  When you have a friend come over through your link and spend $30 for the first time, they save $10 and YOU get a $10 credit towards your next $30 or more purchase.  SCORE!

So....if you want to click this handy link right here you will go through my special page and you can claim your reward!   Awesomesauce, right?

Disclaimer: Vitacost provided me with free samples of these product to review.  I was under no obligation to write a positive review.  All pictures and opinions are my own.

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