Friday, July 5, 2013

What were the old home owners thinking?

When we moved into our house there were lots of things that we had to fix.  One of the biggest things that drove me bananas was the over use of grapevines in the house.  This woman LOVED them and when she loved something...she went all out.

They were painted around EVERY window in the kitchen area.  This is a pretty good size area.

Here is a picture from Aidan's birthday.  See all those windows?  There is one more you can't see.  Up around the top and down between the windows were painted vines and grapes.  Then hanging  infront of it, were vines-fake vines.  If you get close to the wall you can still see them.  Which I REALLY don't understand.  We painted OVER them, but the wall is indented. There were also hanging vines on the window decorations in most room. 

Oh...and of course in the kitchen EVERY OTHER TILE was vines and fruit.  If you came to my house, you probably never saw it.  I piled stuff in front of the walls so I wouldn't see it.  Here it is though for the whole world to see.

 Now, these tiles aren't BAD.  They definitely were well made and well installed.  They just weren't my style and WAY to many of them for a small space.  I could see a row of them.  But every other tile was over kill.

So three years after we moved in we FINALLY decided to tackle it.  We are trying to do little makeovers while we can and for cheap.  Being a family of 5 we can't do huge makeovers.  

Tile is cheap and the labor was super cheap, since Eric did it.

The first step was removing the old tile.  We figured it would pop right off.  When we tiled the floor at the old house, if one could pop it out.  This was not the case.  I have NO clue what this tile was put on with.  I think it was super glued on.  When we tried to take it off...this happened.

 Yeah....that is huge the wall.  At this point I started panicking and went to Lowes.  Eric wanted me to get some wall hole fixer.  I thought he was crazy.  Then he wanted a small piece of drywall.  I came home and made Eric get a huge sheet.  A TINY piece was $5.  A huge sheet was $9.  

After we got it home I convinced Eric to just rip out the wall.  It was silly.  We would have to patch it all anyway.

So we got to ripping it away.  By WE  I mean Eric.   It still took some work.  Since the tiles were super glued on, it was still hard to even remove a few to get leverage to take OFF the wall. 
We, I mean Eric finally got it going well and he got to were the stairs come down and he called me over.  I grabbed a flashlight and found this:
There was a my wall.  There was a box...under the my wall.  This wasn't happening.  It was freaking me out a bit and made me curious.  I HAD to know what it was.  Eric said I was insane and he wasn't getting the box out.

I don't know about you, but I could not live KNOWING that there is a random box IN MY WALL.  So we got it out.

I was kind of hoping we would find something cool.  A wallet, a letter, a treasure map.  No luck.  We had a bag of bloody paper towels, wires, pipes, a few boxes for lighting, and a BUNCH of Mexican soda bottles.  And leaves.  Lots of leaves.  They are still unfortunately there.  I tried to suck them out with the vacuum hose, but no luck.  So if you want 11 year old leaves, you know where to get some.

Does this freak you out like it does me?  I wonder what else is in my walls.  I mean, how hard is it to throw a box away.  It wasn't a small thing like a can.  It was pretty big.  It was totally left on purpose.

 So after the removal, we got to redry wall.  Some parts were super easy and others...a  bit tricky.   

The challenge with dry wall is attaching it to the studs and light sockets.  The sockets are screwed to a stud...well it should be.  So when you cut the drywall you have to take that into consideration.  Eric ended up having to cut odd little shapes to get it to work.

 Once the dry wall is up, the easy part it doing the paste.  At the cracks you slather the paste on, on top of that put a piece of drywall tape, then put more paste.  EASY PEASY.  We didn't care too much about how pretty it looked since it was getting covered with tile.

 We decided to go with subway tile.  While our table is 1950's inspired, we thought this was a good clean look.  It could go many ways incase we change the theme of the kitchen.  Plus...they have an awesome beveled edge!  The tiles were $0.49 each and I bought 2 boxes of them.  I think they were 80 per box.  We had a few leftovers.

 One thing that we learned, which wasn't a fun thing to learn, was that tiling around outlets is hard.  After much griping we turned to Google and learned the proper way to do them.  APPARENTLY you suppose to loose the screws in the outlet case and SLIDE the tile UNDER the base.  Not cut it out.  If you do tile, you will totally see what I mean.  Oh...and turn OFF the power first.  I told Eric to.  He didn't.  He had a nice shock.

So here is the finished wall!  Looks nice, huh?

Now if you come to my house you can see wall and not STUFF.  

Overall this took about $100.  The tile was $78.  We borrowed the tile cutter from my dad.  Not too shabby!


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