Saturday, July 13, 2013

Zaggora Hotpants review!

NO....not THOSE hotpants.  Zaggora Hotpants.  Have you heard of them?

In my quest for fitness, which I am failing at MISERABLY this summer (Having three kids home from school and a business I run from the home doesn't give me much free time), I ran across these pants.

The premise behind these pants is that it raises your basic body temperature and increase the caloric burn.  To read more about how they work and information on the research click here.

I have had the pants for a while now and have been meaning to do the 2 week challenge.  I have had such a hard time getting in exercise this summer.  I need to get my butt in gear and just do it.  The two week challenge is you wear them for 30-60 minutes a day (at least) for two weeks, and you suppose to loose 2 pants sizes.    

I vow to start Monday.  Feel free to kick me in the pants if I don't.  (But not My Zaggora's)

I was given a pair of the Fold Over Hotpants to review.   I will not subject you to a picture of me in my pants.    These pictures are from the Zaggora site.  I claim no rights to them.  I wish I could though!  One day!

What I really love about these pants is the foldover top.  Being a mom of three I have a good amount of tummy to suck in. Exercise pants, especially tight ones, have a tendency to go below the belly.  With these pants they stay in place!!   No pulling up and adjusting!  They are AWESOME.  Also, this little flap makes me feel less self conscious.  Even though it isn't a skirt, it still feels like there is more coverage there.  

The pants are VERY snug and meant to be that way.  The first time I put them on, it was a shock.  They are multi-layered, so it was a pull up a bit, wiggle, pull up a bit, wiggle.  The pants feel similar to scuba pants.  They have a neoprene feel.  Very smooth.  Not cottony.   

The first time I put them on they were rather itchy.  That is normal for me though.  I have super sensitive skin.  EVERYTHING makes me itchy.  I have another friend who has a pair and she said she didn't find them itchy at all.  Everyone is different!  I can wear them now without a challenge.

The "Hotpants" aspect is dead on.  These pants will make you sweat, but not in a super gross way, at least for me.  I have used them working out and when I took them off, I could wring out the pants and what was under them.  Gross right?  But sweat happens!  Just wearing the pants around the house, still heats you up, but not as bad.  I wasn't dripping.

One more thing...they pick up dog hair like no ones business, but doesn't all black clothing?  Just be warned if you have a shedding pet and exercise on the floor!

So come back here on  August 5th and see the results of my Two Week Challenge!  And if I don't have results, kick me in the booty.

 OK.  Since I said I would do the challenge.  Here is my before. judging. CAN judge, but keep it to yourself, mmkay?  Maybe if I do this I will buy myself one of their shirts!!

 And here is a close-up of the pants with the logo.  I REALLY dig their logo. 
Feel free to watch their awesome video as well!  Women are awesome, aren't we?

I was given a pair of Zaggora Fold Over hotpants to review, but was under no obligation to write a positive review.  The impressions are all my own. 

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