Monday, August 26, 2013

50s Costumes shopping! Never too soon to get ready for Halloween

I am in LOVE with Halloween.  It has to be my favorite holiday.  I LOVE dressing up, but having three kids and finding the time to get a costume for myself always seems to be an issue.  I have gone the route of just a mask, but this year I wanted something different and more fun.

I ran across a company called Costume Discounters and they gave me the opportunity to review an item for them!  I wanted to go with something that fit my style and I went with a '50's style costume.
I decided to go with the 1950's Poodle Skirt Set Costume as well as the poodle scarf.  I LOVE the scarf.  

The costume set came with a shirt, skirt, and jacket in one complete kit.   The costume is 100% polyester, so it is warm and if you have dogs, keep them away from the skirt!  It feels like felt and will pick up dog hair.

I think the outfit was a fantastic deal for the amount it cost.  The complete kit is $38.99, but right now on sale for $31.19 if you use their coupon on the site.

The ONLY thing that weirds me out a bit it the length of the skirt.  I normally wear skirts at hip level.  If I do that, it is at my ankles and I am about 5'9".  I had to pull it WAY up to my waist for it to be a decent level on me.  So if you are a shorty, watch out!

I REALLY love the poodle detail on the skirt.  Super cute and well detailed.  Sparkly is always the way to go.

So here is a picture of the outfit on, minus the jacket.  I am trying to figure out how I want to wear it.  Not sure if I want to tuck in the shirt or leave it over like this.  I will probably tuck it in since the skirt is up so high, there is lots of extra poofage at my waist.  

Taking pictures of yourself during naptime is tricky!
 So there you have it. If you would like a cute,inexpensive yet NOT cheap looking costume head over to Costume Discounters!  Click 50's Costumes to get to their complete listing of 50's style outfits.  They have enough items to dress up the entire family complete with shoes, glasses, and wigs! 

I received this outfit and scarf to review free of charge from Costume Discounters, but was under no obligation to write a positive review.  The impressions are all my own.

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