Thursday, August 8, 2013

Ceiling Fan Makeover!

I have so many rooms I am redoing in my house right now, it is rather humorous.  V will be three in December and I REALLY want to get her big girl room done.  She is still in her crib and her room is TINY.  Because of that, my living room is turned into a play room.  99% of her toys are in it.  I am sick of clutter, and so is the hubby.

So slowly but surely I am getting her future room turned into a big kid room.  The first thing I did was transform her ceiling fan from this:

Into this:

Adorable, right?  

Fist thing I had to do was take down the old blades.  It was going awesome.  I got 10 screws out, then I noticed one screw was positioned too far in the back to get the blades out.  We had to take the light fixture part off and unscrew the blades from the actual housing.  

Electrical work involved...I call the hubby upstairs.  Also, I kind of hate ladders, so I was glad to get off of of it.

Since he installed the fan, it was a pretty easy thing for him to do. Just a few screws and out it came!

I took the fan blades out back and put them each on a can .  No one will see the top of the blades, so I wasn't worried about the tops getting painted.  Cans are a great way to get your project up off the ground so you get get all the sides painted quickly and easily.

The spray paint I chose for this was Valspar Paint and Primer in one.  The cool thing about this spray paint is that you can spray AT ANY ANGLE!  Need to spray sideways...sure.  Upside down...ok!  AH-Mazing.  I got it at Lowes Hardware for about $4.

I did a couple quick coats of the blue and let it dry.
 V was VERY determined that I take her picture.  She thought that this was the most awesome thing ever. She was walking around saying "My fan!  My fan!  My room!"

After they were dry I moved them to the picnic table (still on the cans) and grabbed some paint from the garage.  I had some leftover white semi gloss paint from our entertainment center and used that to brush on a few clouds.  I thought it added some charm.   The cool thing about clouds is THEY AREN'T PERFECT.  No one can say "Hey!  That cloud looks wrong."  So I just had fun twirling some on.

 Once dry, I put them back up, Eric fought with the housing and got MOST of the screws in (don't worry, the blades are VERY well secured), and that was a day!  

When the fan is turned on, you kind of get a white and blue swirl.  Eric said afterwards that I should have painted the clouds in the same location so it would have a striped effect when on.  I told him that clouds AREN'T in lines, Silly.  

Nate wants a cool fan now as well.  So maybe stripes for the boys room?

There you have it!  A super cute EASY makeover for a whopping $4. 


  1. I vote sports for a boys room! footballs, baseballs, soccer balls =] The clouds are super cute =]

    1. Ohh. That would be fun! The boys start soccer tonight! I am not going to lie when I say I am excited I get two hours of boy free time. lol

  2. It would look nice if you spray paint the light kit white also

    1. Totally didn't think of that! Great idea! Thanks!