Thursday, August 22, 2013

My kids were here

I saw a blog post recently that I found amazing and knew I wanted to start doing it as well.

It was called My kids were here or something along those lines.  I meant to save the post so I could give credit, but, well, my kids were there and overheated my laptop and crashed it before I got a chance.  Hopefully I can find the post again.

Basically the idea behind this post, and the many more I want to make in the future, was just photographing a moment in time that says "Yeah.  My kids were here."  My kids are growing in leaps and bounds.  I just want to freeze time for a bit and remember all the little things.  The little things that I want to remember.  Things that I can look at and think "they were just my little kids".  My house won't be littered with McDonalds toys forever...I hope.

So here goes nothing.  I would love for you to follow along with me.  Please link up with me down below for your own "My kids were here" post.  Let's make this a weekly thing!  This link-up will close next week and a new one will go up then!

Birthday Cake decorating

My minions love their minions

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