Thursday, August 22, 2013

Reading Eggs

As a blogger, signing up with US Family Guide has been awesome.  I have been receiving some amazing opportunities that I probably wouldn't have had without them.

The newest opportunity I received is through Reading Eggs.  
When Aidan was in, I think 1st grade, his school used Reading Eggs in his classroom and he LOVED it.  

Reading eggs is a program developed in conjunction with a team of teachers and educational writers.  They know what is needed in the classroom.  This program really helps children learn to read on their own through the use of phonics.  I mean, what kid WON'T be excited about having screen time?  The program is geared for kids age 3-12.  This is a PERFECT age range for my family!  All the kiddos can use it!

Since it launched in 2011 in the US & Canada, they have signed OVER 500,000 subscribers!  Through these people they have taught over 15 MILLION lessons in the US alone.

Here is the even cooler part.  You, my lovely blog readers, get a FREE two week FIVE WEEK trial with NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED.  Score right?  Just click this link right here:

This offer is good ONLY until 9/30/2013.  So sign up today!!
 So go sign up, like me, and let's teach our kids to read together online through phonics!


  1. We still have a few days left on our trial, but I thought I'd let you know how it's going. Mango likes this a LOT, but he mostly just wants to repeat the first lesson over and over again. Also, he thinks it's HILARIOUS the way the little ant says "No," so he picks the wrong thing on purpose and cracks up. Overall, he seems to be enjoying it.