Monday, September 23, 2013

Day out with Thomas!

For years now I have wanted to take the kids to the Day Out With Thomas.  Every time it came around SOMETHING always happened and we never got to go.  Also....with three kids it is a rather costly thing to do. I was scared to spend the money without knowing exactly WHAT to expect.

When the opportunity came around for me to review it, I JUMPED at it. I might have squealed a bit as well. Unfortunately the only day to go would be on a Friday when the boys were in school.  I figured what they didn't know wouldn't hurt them.

How the day was SUPPOSE to work was Eric would take the boys to school, come home, and then me, V and Eric would go ride the choo-choo.

It did not work that way.  Aidan decided to break his leg the night before, so Eric had to go take him to the dr to get a cast.  I honestly thought that Aidan just twisted his ankle.  Oops.

So...V and I went with my good friend Ginger, her little girl Adalyn, and we met up with The Pajama Mama and Mango!  I *MIGHT* have been a bit more excited than V. Heck...I am pretty sure I was.

We were told to arrive about an hour before it began.  I thought that was a bit excessive, but once we saw there were things to do and took potty breaks it was a perfect amount of time.  

There was mini golf set up that V and Mango "played"  

And also a hay maze that V LOVED.  She saw it and said MAZE MAZE and took off!  She mastered it in about 2.5 seconds.  She ran in and ran out. lol.  Then she "played"with Mango.  By playing I mean he touched her and she ran for her life.  She is not use to other kids her size. 

The train station has random messages on buildings that I thought was neat.  This building said "Be Careful" 

Then the round-about,which we RODE ON!  warned us to think and be careful.  Good things to know.  More about that later.

First....THE TRAIN!!  The train ride is ABOUT 25 minutes.  Thomas is hooked onto one side, but unfortunately you don't get to see it as you get on.  We kept telling the kids were were ON Thomas, not sure if it sunk in.  V kept asking where he was. I think if I was to do it over, I would take her to see the front of the train BEFORE getting on.

All the kiddos lined up ready to go.  I am guessing that the trains are different at every location and only Thomas is the constant.  The train was really cool and old and a bit rickety.   I was a bit terrified that V would fall out of the window.  There were no screens.

 V enjoyed the ride. Just relaxing in the sun.  It was such a nice morning.  It got a bit hot later on.

Cheesing it out for the camera.

Adalyn looks pretty fly here.

FYI. In toddler world it is a necessity that you wave at absolutely EVERYONE not on the train. 

When you first walk in you get a map.  On the map you collect stamps to get a free prize.  One place you had to go was to see Sir Topham Hat.  We waited in line, saw him almost fall down the stairs, got our stamps and left.  He was just a bit creepy and it was getting close to lunch and we wanted to hit everything else.  Coloring was more important.

The station we were at had activities all around so after waving at Sir Topham Hat, we made the hike to the roundabout.   I was STOKED.  For $1 each you got to ride it.  I paid the money, got our tickets, then V decided it was evil.  I made her ride it and at the end of going in the circle she liked it.  I did as well.  You really didn't feel it moving.  Rather interesting.

Inside another building there was a band playing, train tables set up (not enough trains to go around though), trains and buses you could look at/go inside, and temporary tattoos.  I was really surprised that V let someone put one on her.  She is pretty much anti-stranger touching.

V decided that this was a must to get her picture taken infront of. 

Tattoo drying.

After we ran around it was about lunch time and we found a trolley to ride to get back to the front of the station.  We got there at the PERFECT time and got to be first in line to see Thomas!

Not going to lie here.  The eyes moved.  They freak me out a bit.

They have people there that take your picture and sell you prints for about $22 for two items.

They took our picture, but we decided not to purchase them.  Ginger snapped a few shots from the side for us.

 I had to take a few pictures of this train! My family is from East/West/New Haven. Kind of neat that it was there.

 There were a few food vendors.  I actually planned on leaving before lunch, but there were so many things to do we grabbed a few things there.  My lunch was literally a snowcone and a funnel cake.  V had a snowcone and stole Mango's fries.  I also brought along a Lunchable JR. V ate the crackers and Mango had the blueberry flavored apple pieces.  SHARING TODDLERS!!!  Yay!!!

Last but not least you can't miss the gift shop.  You literally can't.  That is one of the stamp locations.  It had all the typical Thomas stuff you find everywhere.  Lots of trains.  I tried to get V a hat...she wasn't having it.  We ended up getting a purple train named Charlie.

Overall it was an AMAZINGLY fun day.  I would have liked the train ride to have been longer.  If I was paying for this I would have DEFINITELY spent the extra $8 per ticket to get the all day train pass.  

There were many different activities to keep all the kids entertained.

If you have a train lover in your family maybe around the age of 4 or 5, I would highly recommend this.  Lots of fun!  If it comes around again I would definitely take all the kiddos.

I received complimentary tickets in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own as well as the pictures.

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