Saturday, September 28, 2013

Disney On Ice presents Let's Celebrate!

Only one week to go guys!  Disney On Ice presents Let's Celebrate! is coming to Time Warner Cable Area October 2nd-October 6th. You can buy your tickets by clicking here.

My kids are SOOO excited!  There have been bunches of TV spots and radio ads running lately.  Every time one is on V asks to go to Disney World.  lol.  Are you going to see, or have you seen Disney On Ice presents Let's Celebrate! 

I have heard some amazing things about the show!  My friend went a few weeks ago and said it was amazing and a night she won't forget!  

I thought I would throw out some Disney trivia for you, just to get all those going excited!


  1. What is the Mad Hatter celebrating at his tea party?

Answer: Un-birthday

  1. How many un-birthdays does a person have?

Answer: 364

  1. What does the slip of paper in the Mad Hatter’s hat read?  

Answer: It reads “10/6.”

    1. Bonus: What does it mean?

Answer: 10/6 stands for 10 shillings and 6 pence. Probably referring to the cost of the hat.


  1. In Disney’s Lilo and Stitch, where does Lilo live?

Answer: Hawaii, island of Kaua’i

5.      In Hawaii, what word is used for both hello and goodbye?

Answer: Aloha

  1. What is the Hawaiian word for a fun party with lots of food and usually a BBQ?

Answer: A luau

Disney Villains

  1. What movie is Jafar a villain in?

Answer: Aladdin

  1. This Disney Villain has a magical mirror and wants to be the fairest one of all.

Answer: The Evil Queen in Snow White

  1. What Disney Villain holds a grudge after having his hand fed to a crocodile?

Answer: Captain Hook

  1. What is Jack’s last name in The Nightmare Before Christmas?

Answer: Skellington

  1. In The Nightmare Before Christmas, what flower did Sally continually slip the

doctor so she could escape and explore Halloween Town?

Answer: Deadly Night Shade

  1. What are the names of the three horrible trick-or-treaters in The Nightmare Before


Answer: Lock, Shock and Barrel

  1. In the Nightmare Before Christmas, which holiday icon did the trick-or-treaters

bring back to Halloween Town first?

Answer: The Easter Bunny

Disney Princess Trivia

  1. Which Disney Princess celebrates her birthday during her movie/story?

Answer: Aurora, Sleeping Beauty

  1. What is the name of the candelabra in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast?

Answer: Lumiere

  1. From what movie is Prince Phillip?

Answer: Sleeping Beauty

  1. Which Disney Princess lives in a small provincial town with her inventor father?

Answer: Belle

  1. After Princess and the Frog opens: What is Tiana’s dream?

Answer: To open her own restaurant

Sorcerer’s Apprentice

  1. In what movie does Mickey appear as the Sorcerer’s Apprentice?

Answer: Fantasia

  1. Who does Mickey get to do his work for him in “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”?

Answer: A broomstick

  1. How does Mickey bring the broomstick to life?

Answer: With the sorcerer’s magic hat and a book of spells

I am INCREDIBLY excited to introduce my kids to Fantasia.  I use to LOVE that movie growing up.  SO EXCITED!!!!

I hope you enjoyed this bit of trivia and I hope to see you next week!

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