Thursday, September 26, 2013

Little Passports: Travel to Japan!

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Wow. I totally dropped the ball on this review this month.  I didn't realize it until I got the next month in the mail. I guess between surgery and broken bones it kind of slipped through the crack.

Which is weird.

Because I loved this one the most.

Seriously.  I love Japan and I love sushi and I love sushi erasers.  Yes.  I said that.  SUSHI ERASERS.

Quick recap of   Little Passports  for those not in the know. It is a monthly subscription service for children that helps educate them about the world around them.  There are two subscriptions you can choose.  The Little Passports World Edition for 5-10 year olds  ,which is the one I receive, and the Little Passports USA Edition for 7-12 year olds.

You can see my review of the first month of Little Passports here: Month One
The second month review can be seen by clicking here:  Month Two: Brazil

Month three is JAPAN!! Every month box has some constants. 

You get :
  • a luggage tag with a code to play games on line
  • a few stickers (for your map, passport, and suitcase)
  • a letter
  • a photo of Sam and Sophia in the location
  • a letter from Sam and Sophia
  • an activity sheet.

Then you ALSO get a souvenir from the location.  This month you get two!  I, ummm...I mean Aidan and Nate, got a sushi eraser AND paper to do origami and an instruction booklet!

I always make sure to get the education side done first.  So....first things first...we found Japan.  Aidan did a great job locating it!  Nate was convinced it was near South America.   Maybe because he was on that side of the table.  

You will also notice a shortage of Nate in these pictures this week. He was feeling unphotogenic.

Then it was worksheet time.  I love how studious he looks.  He wasn't feeling the worksheet that much.  He REALLY wanted to do the origami. 

So, we ripped open the packet.  I really loved that there were lots of sheets included and it was a really nice quality.  Also, they were rather gender neutral shades.  Nate picked out the blue.  It had flowers.  NORMALLY that would have been a breaking point, but the color made it acceptable to him.

Let's talk origami, shall we?  Aidan wanted to make a boat.  The directions for the boat were PRETTY easy. It took me a minute to figure out the pushing in of the sides, but I got it.  Aidan was happy.

Then....Nate wanted a book.  A BOOK. You would think a book would be pretty darn easy.  Let's just say it was the opposite.  This is Eric's "I am smiling because you are forcing me to smile but I really hate this piece of paper right now" smile.

So...we made a dog.

Nate ended up getting a paper airplane. I tried and tried.  That stinking book was pretty much impossible.  I think I need to get some cheap paper and try it again.  I didn't want to waste all the pretty paper on it.

Remember the eraser I talked about?  Here ya go.  ADORABLE RIGHT!?!?!

It MAY still be in the package in the suitcase because I MAY be hoping that they forget about it and I can take my, I mean their, eraser.

I really can't wait to open the next month! It was from France. Oh la la.

If you have kids around the age of 5-12 I HIGHLY recommend this box.  Go check out Little Passports for yourself!  They have numerous subscription levels available.  You can do as easy as one month, or go ahead and buy the year!  This would make an AMAZING gift.  I would love to receive this for the kids.  Fun and education in one!

Disclaimer: Little Passports provided me with this box free of charge to review.  I was under no obligation to write a positive review.  All pictures and opinions are my own.

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