Monday, September 16, 2013

Make A Plate Kit....REVEAL!

Hey there! Do you remember when I gave you guys the code for the Make A Plate kit and told you that I was going to be making some plates with the kids?  If not...follow this handy dandy link right here to see my original post.

Quick recap of the product:  You order the kit, get the special papers and markers, design your plate however you want (following their guidelines), mail the papers back that you want turned into plates (including additional fees if necessary), twiddle your thumbs and anxiously await your package, rip open package, and MARVEL at the works of art!

For real...that happened.  Be ready for the proof in the pictures.

 Miss V was feeling very cheeky the day of the drawing.
 Aidan got right to work drawing an army of different colored Toads. (Super Mario Brothers)
 Nate as well decided Blue Toad was necessary.  Makes since.  Blue Toad IS his best friend.
 V drew flowers. She actually drew a few.  One the plates the flowers were too close to the edge.  On another I drew a HORRID Minnie Mouse.  Remember this.  It plays a role later.
 I drew the stems to keep the flower tops near the middle of the plate.  She did the rest.
 Finished plate designs.  Nate wrote his name.  Aidan did his entire plate with no help!
 We mailed them off and waited.  V accessorized.
 The plates came in!  We were ecstatic!   (Excect V.  I did not mail in the Minnie Mouse plate.  She was MAD at me.  Oh well.)
 These plates came out JUST like they drew them.  I have no clue behind the magic of the making, but these are phenomenal.
 Nate was happy!  Yes, this is his weird underbite smile.
 V was indifferent.
 She looked at it a lot.  She now LOVES the plate and uses it every day.

I waited PROBABLY a bit longer than I should have before writing the review, but I had a reason why.  I wanted to keep using it and washing it in the dishwasher to see how it held up.

They are still amazing.  Seriously.

So.  If you are looking for a fantastic gift for family members, something to remember your children's art work by, a holiday/birthday gift for the crafty kid/adult in your life these are the way to go.  Seriously.  GO buy them.  :)

 I was given a Make a Plate kit in exchange for my review.  All opinions are my own.  

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