Monday, September 9, 2013

PunkHipster Review and GIVEAWAY!

Do you guys remember my wallet review a while ago for Anvil Customs?  Ryan, the genius leather craftsman behind the company, has started a new line.

PunkHipster has a lower price point than the others and therefore, is more accessible to all!  In the words of Ryan "PunkHipster is a place where Punks & Hipsters can be friends.  A common grounds of sorts where Punks & Hipsters can give each other hi-5's and hugs" 

Hi-5's and hugs.  What the world needs more of.  All of the wallets are 100% leather and made from hand.  Also, these wallets are LIMITED EDITION.  Once they are gone, they are gone.  How freaking awesome is that?  The leather is purchased from US suppliers...ONLY.  PunkHipster NEVER purchased from out of the country.  They purchase their leather in small quantities and because of this they are able to get rare and vintage leathers.  Some stock even comes from leather from the 1960's or 1970's!

Ryan at PunkHipster sent me an assortment of items to check out...and something to giveaway as well!
 From PunkHipster I received a Brown Leather Basketweave bifold wallet, a 3/4 inch Leather cuff, a brown basketweave keyfob, and an Original PunkHipster '50FOB' Leather Key Fob / Key Chain. 

To say I am excited about this review would be an understatement.

First things first.  The wallet.

The wallet received is the PunkHipsterBrown Basketweave chain wallet. 

The wallet LOOKS like it is woven, but in actuality it is all tooled.    The leather is actually pressed in to make it appear woven, but it is one piece.  AMAZING.  I actually had to get close and inspect it.  Talk about taking pride in your work!

The inside of the wallet it lined in black calf skin and has two pockets to slip things into.  This would be amazing for the man or woman who doesn't need a lot.  PERFECT for shows where you just need an ID for beverages and cash to purchase the know...your soda.  ;)  

The PunkHipster Brown Basketweave wallet also comes with a handy dandy 15" chain with a matching fob to hook to your belt loop.  See those black snaps?  They are SUPER tight.  No worries about the wallet opening and stuff falling out.  Even the matching fob is tooled!  GAH!  LOVE it!

According to the site only 10 more are left.  TEN. You can't get much more original than that.

 The next item up for review is the 3/4" leather cuff. This thing is AWESOME.  Seriously.  It is made from Oil tanned Austin Hide black leather.  The snap is a military grade snap just like the wallet.  PunkHipster is prominently displayed on the front.  I normally don't like big logo's on my stuff, but this is an exception. 

 Ryan did a great job with this logo. It isn't huge and flashy.  True it is upfront, but not overly done.  FANTASTIC.  FYI, there is only one left on the site at the time of posting this.  If you want one, better go grab it.  This one is MINE. 

Last, but definitely not least, I received a couple of PunkHipster key fobs to check out  The first one was the brown basketweave key fob.  The workmanship is SO impressive on his items.

The last one, and my favorite, is the 50's style 100% leather keyfob.  This fob has a
Sturdy black HK Clip which provides superior strength.  The snap is super sturdy as well.  

Just imagine.  Hook it to your purse strap, turn in to the inside of your purse, and hang your key from it.  You won't have to hunt all through your purse for your keys!  SCORE.

No purse?  Hook it to your belt loop and hook your keys there!  This makes a great gift for a guy OR a girl!  

As I said before, everything is in VERY limited quantities.  As of this posting there is only ONE left.  Just one.  Run over there and grab it now.  Want a name on it?  Sure!  For an additional charge Ryan will personalize it for you.

Now, I know you are thinking, "Sarah.  YOu mentioned a giveaway in your title" 

Darn right I did.

You, my lovely readers have a chance to win the Brown Basketweave Chain wallet from me!  Amazing, right?  Want to hear something even MORE amazing?  I've got two other sites doing a giveaway with me...that means THREE people have a chance to win a wallet.  

Make sure to visit the other sites It's an Ordinary Blog & Thrifty Mom's Reviews to see the other wallets!

Then....after that....enter this:

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This giveaway is sponsored by PunkHIpster.  I was given these items to review, but was under no obligation to write a positive review.  The impressions and gushings over the awesomeness of this company are all my own.  The House of Boys...& a Girl will be mailing the Brown Basketweave chain wallet out to the winner, free of charge.  This contest is only open to residents of the USA.


  1. Comment From Jessica V. (it wasn't opening for her) The wallet looks great. It will be a great Christmas gift for my husband

  2. That is one awesome looking wallet!

    1. It is! It is going to be hard to part with it!