Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sock It To Me...REVIEW!

I have a confession.  I never fully "grew up".  I am 35 and I love super funky socks.    LUCKILY I am passing the love of funk onto my kids.  The crazier the better.  Enter...

Sock it to me is a small (only 11 team members!) company that makes super unique socks for all ages.  From infant to adult they have you covered.  Want unicorns pooping rainbows?  They got them!  (Pretty sure I need to order them!)  What's that?  Your husband/boyfriend/family member is a bike junkie?  How about some bicycle socks?

The kids and I got the awesome opportunity to review some sock for them!  WOOT!  BEST MAIL DAY EVER!

Get ready for a VERY picture heavy post.  The pictures came out so adorable I am having an issue trying to narrow them down.  What can I say?  My kids are awesome.

The kids picked out:  Grey Ninja Knee SocksSuper Hero Crew Socks, and for the girl a double set of Honey Bunny and Whales.

 As you can see...Ninja socks turn you into...well...a ninja.  It just was a happy coincidence that he wore his pizza ninja shirt today.   Beware for awesomeness.




Being a ninja is tough work.

Aidan decided to go a bit tamer with style and keep his secret powers a bit more incognito with his Super Hero socks.

Super hero socks make you feel like you can take on the world, as seen above. 

V, being 2, didn't get to pick out her own.  I chose for her and she LOVES them. She has big feet and I got the kids pack which are for ages 2-4.  She is almost three and these have room to grow into.  She is ALMOST a toddler size 8.

 Let me see what I got here....

BUNNIES!!! cute are these feet?

FYI....her neck isn't dirty.  It is stupid sticky residue left from her steri-strips after surgery.  

 Bunny feet!

Bunny hop!

 My turn!  I got to try out TWO pairs of socks.  I went for the Curvy Super Juicy Knee Highs and the Breakfast crew socks.

COME ON.  How cute.  Bacon and egg love.  Sigh...

 Confession time. I am NOT a size two. GASP!!!  Because of that, I kind of have a love/hate relationship with tall socks.  I LOVE them, but they don't love me.  They have a tendency NOT to stay up and if they do, they are TIGHT and weird looking.  

When I was perusing the catalog of sock I saw they have a "Curvy" line.  In their words the socks are "made to stretch more than our other socks. They are ideal for the lady that is a little curvier." In my words...PERFECT.

 Who DOESN'T need knee high rainbow stripes socks?

Super cute, no?


Overall, I am super happy with these socks.  The knee highs stayed up all day long.  The material is nice and soft.  Awesome prints and more to come.  They actually have  a design contest going on right now!  If you are feeling creative the contest is running until 3pm on Sept 20th, 2013.  Head over here for the rules and entry form.

Sock It To Me gave me socks in exchange for a review.  I was under NO obligation to write a positive review.  All opinions are 100% my own and honest.  All photos are also my own. Please don't steal copies of my babies. :)

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