Wednesday, September 4, 2013

V and her surgery

I touched base VERY briefly on V and her surgery this morning on Facebook and I figured I would fill all of you in on V and her saga, for those of you that don't know.

The story starts the day of V's birth.  I had a C-section with both boys, so followed suit with V.  Me and labor don't mix.

So there I was laying down on the table in the nice quiet room and all was going well.  Then V came out and she was relatively quiet.  They got her crying then I heard a lot of "What's that?"  "Call the pediatrician."  During this time NO ONE had shown her to me.  With the boys they came out and they were held up in all their grossness.

Finally Eric went over and everything was ok.  He brought her over so I could see her and I noticed she had a "thing" on her neck.  Basically it looked like a hole and a skin tag popped out of it.   
See the base of her neck there.  I really don't have a lot of pictures of it. It wasn't something that I really wanted to remember, you know?

CAUTION.  Please DON'T google the things I am about to talk about unless you have a rather strong stomach and aren't squeamish.  I am going to explain things the way I understand them. As you saw from the top picture V was not nasty looking.  If you google you will see gross things. I speak the truth.
So they called a plastic surgeon and he came in the next day.  He said it was a Thyroglossal duct cyst and that it could be easily fixed in 6 months. 

Science time! In a nutshell what that is, is when you are forming your thyroid forms on the back of your tongue and travels to where it ends up.  The dr informed us that hers "took a wrong turn" and left a track and the cyst.  THey just had to go in and close up the track and they were going to close up the hole and take off the skin tag.  Easy peasy.

The morning of the surgery came, a few days after Aidan's birthday, know...incase stuff happened it wouldn't be associated with his birthday.  

THe morning was rough, but she was in good spirits.

 Here's a close up of the "hole" and tag.

 Sophie came with us.

She went in for the surgery and when the dr came out he told us it was more invasive that he thought it would be.  She ended up having a branchial cleft cyst.  

Science time again!  A branchial cleft cyst, as far as it has been explained to me, is when you are forming we have gills.  Her gill didn't close properly and left a cyst.  EVOLUTION!

These cysts I have discussed are actually not that uncommon.  Most people don't find out they have one until it gets gross and infected.  Since she had the "hole" that is how we found out.  Her hole actually was closed and never went any where.  No leakage or anything gross.

Also, when they went in to fix it they found out she had lots of fibrous tissue they had to clean out.  So three small horizontal incisions turned into a huge scar basically running the length of her neck.  These next few pictures were taken 5 days after her surgery.

 Lovely, right?  It has faded a LOT and most people don't even notice it is there.  We went back a bunch of times and the last time was in March for our yearly eval.  The Dr said that it had banded, tightened too much, and he wanted to go back in and loosen it.
My amazing friend sent V a Shaun the Sheep and a movie.  She was/is in LOVE with him!
See the line?  So I spoke with the DR and he wanted to perform a Z-plasty.  What that is, it they cut part of the scar along the actual scar.  Then they cut a horizontal line going off the top to one side and a line going off the bottom to the other side.  Then the dr takes the flap and kind of turns it making the scar "z".  (Don't google this. Just trust me)  It is really similar to what they do for neck lifts.  Her's wasn't done that much.

After the surgery, which was MUCH quicker than I expected she was in a NASTY mood. She wanted no crackers, no juice, didn't want to be held-but I wasn't allowed, by her, to put her down.  Toddlers and anesthesia don't mix.  lol

As of now she has a gauze on her neck and the DR said she had steri-strips under it.  Those suppose to stay in place for 7-10 days or until they fall off.  I kind of DON'T want to take off the gauze.  She is anti-bandaids.  She refused to wear the one on her hand after her IV came out.  Luckily they held pressure long enough to get it to stop bleeding.  I think we are going to take off the gauze tomorrow and inspect.

There you go.  The saga of V.  

Some of my friends from online sent V a balloon bouquet and a teddy bear.  She made the teddy bear attack the balloons.  I think she is feeling better.

 Feel free to ask any questions you may have!  Of course, I am not a dr.  I can't diagnose anything.  I just know from MY experience,  V's case.  If you have anything going on, consult an actual dr please.  I am not giving any advice here.  Well...I a dr.

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