Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Spidey is watching over you! 3D Deco Lights review!

The boys have always been good about the dark. Nothing ever really seemed to worry them.  We always had a light in the bathroom, for obvious reasons, but that was it.  Then a few months ago Nate started being "scared of the dark".  I am not really sure if he is, but I went out anyway and got a couple of those plug into the socket ones.

Still...he claimed to be scared.

Enter....3D Deco Lights.

The product is just what it sounds like.  A 3D decorative light.  We got Spiderman and truth be told, I wanted to keep him in my room.

So here is the Spiderman Deco Light

 The 3D Deco lights are cordless, you do NOT need to change the bulbs, and they don't get hot!

As you can see this is super cool.  So cool, that kids might think they are toys.  They aren't.  Make sure not to mount yours where kids can get to it!

3D Deco lights come in many shapes and styles.  They have Marvel, butterflies, cars, sports, and coming soon Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles.

Installation was a breeze.  I say this, because Eric did it.  I watched though.  It wasn't hard.

First thing you do is apply the vinyl sticker where you want the light to be positioned.  You only get ONE sticker.  Don't mess up!  (If you ever paint or move you can buy additional placement stickers from the website)

Here is the crack sticker in place.  It shows exactly where to put the screws.  You have to drill, insert those plastic bits in the wall,and then put the screws in.

 Next you slide the light on the screws hooking them into the holes on the back.

Then you sit back and admire your, or your husbands, handiwork!

The cool thing about Spiderman is that it has TWO light settings. The first one is just the eyes.  This gives it a bit of light. It doesn't make the whole room light up, but gives it a smidge.

The second level is the entire head. This GLOWS.  It is pretty darn awesome.

Seriously though, you need to see it in the dark to appreciate it.

HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!?!?! I mean REALLY.  That is pretty darn cool. In the Marvel line they also have Spiderman's hand (it glows where the web comes out), Thors Hammer, Ironman Mask and Hand, Captain America Shield, and Hulks fist.

I like how Spidey is always watching over them. As an added bonus, Nate hasn't been "scared" since we got him!

I received the light from3D Light FX in exchange for my review. All opinions are 100% honest and pictures are my own.  Don't steal them,yo!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Punkin' carving and seed eating!

The kids have been getting on us about decorating for Halloween.  We have stuff INSIDE, I am just too lazy to do outside. (Read lazy as too busy)

So this weekend we finally got our pumpkins and carved them. I hate carving too early, then they just get gross and rot.  So we got them on Sunday....added bonus....they were on sale!  YAY procrastination!

I fell asleep on the couch and woke up as Eric was hacking away at the tops. He got the tops off and then got called in. I ended up stepping in and I think I did pretty good!

Five points if you can figure out what V's is!

So...I had three things of pumpkin guts. The only logical thing to do was to roast the seeds.

The first annoying part is separating the seeds FROM the guts.

I found an "easy" way to do this.  Put the guts in a LARGE bowl and add water.

Now.   Swish around the guts and smoosh them down to the bottom. LIke magic...they release from the goo.

Magically scoop up your seeds!

Now you have a big ball of pumpkin goo. There might be a FEW seeds in it, but nothing dramatic.

Into the compost bin you go!

I didn't take pictures of the next few steps.  IMAGINATION TIME!

I took all the seeds and rinsed them off in a colander.   Threw them in a pot with water and a pinch of salt and got it boiling.  Reduced heat to medium and simmered for about 10 minutes.

Drain, pat off with a towel, and spread on baking sheets.

With three pumpkins that ends up being a LOT of seeds.  So I decided to split mine into two pans.  One pan I wanted to make a bit spicy and one garlicky.

For the spicy I used French Grey Sea Salt (just because really. no special reason WHY I picked that other than I saw it first in the pantry) and then I used some hot oil.

I made some pasta once with some oil that had pepper flakes in it and it was super good. So I made extra. This gives is a BIT of a kick, but nothing obnoxious.

I poured MAYBE a tablespoon on oil on the seeds and rubbed it in.  Just eyeball it.  You want it coated, but not drowning in it. Then sprinkle on some salt. I use a heavy hand with salt. I am a salty girl.

For the other pan I used just plain EVOO and garlic salt.  Same deal.  Pour, massage, sprinkle.

Pop these bad boys in the oven at 325F for 10 minutes.  Take them out. Shake up the pans. Put them back in for 10 more minutes.    At this point you need to check for doneness.  I put one pan back in for another 5 minutes. They pans I used kind of sat on each other a bit.  One pan didn't look as "crunchy".

Here ya go!  Garlic on the left, spicy on the right!

(most of these are now G-O-N-E)

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Autumn Leaves Festival post aka I like selling my stuff aka check out the cool stuff I bought!

Most people when they hear "craft show" they think of lame quilts and potholders.  Not that those are "lame", but you know, not the coolest of cool.

I am here to prove them wrong.

I went to the Autumn Leaves Festival a few weekends ago to hock my stuff.  My friend from Candle Bravo, she makes AMAZING candles, is from Mt. Airy and told me I needed to go. I am SO glad I applied, got in, and did.  It was a fantastic weekend!  Eric has never gone to a show with me before and he really did pull his weight.

Incase you aren't aware Mt. Airy=Mayberry, so it was ALL over the place.  I forced Eric to play along.

Isn't he the cutest?  This trip also coincided with our anniversary.  Awww....9 entire years of being a Mrs. and Mr.  :)

The Autumn Leaves festival is the second weekend of October.  Unfortunately there were no autumn leaves in sight.  :(

On to the fun stuff I got.  This is by all means NOT all I got.  Just a few things.  Pumpkin butter doesn't photo well. Also, I got some holiday can't show those.

On Saturday I went to throw away a coffee cup.  Sticking up out of the trashcan I saw a picture. I looked at Eric and said "There is art in there. Go get it!"  I didn't want to reach into the trashcan.  So he looked in and found these:

A bit hard to tell from the pictures, but these are black and white photos printed on aluminum. They are GORGEOUS. We went and stuck them in the car. I never saw the guy at the show so we were all confused.  The next day we found his booth.  Eric went by, told the guy we found them, and tried to return them.  One was marked as $135.  The artist said "Yeah. I put them there." That was all.  So....we got about $200 worth of free art!!  I still need to figure out where to put them.

Then I went to go visit my friend Deitra and saw these.  I made Eric go back and get them. Just cute pictures put onto wood.  Dorthy is for me. Elvis is a Christmas gift for my Grandma. I figured it was safe to put on here.  I 89 year old probably isn't checking out my page.

 Take a WILD guess about the cost of the pictures.  If you guessed $6 each, you would be correct.

Then I saw a lady walking by with a pink bag.  In the bag I THOUGHT I saw a skeleton.  I was correct.  We discussed it, I named her Rosalita, and then I went and bought my own.  I enjoyed this one more.  She has hair.  

Meet Trixie.

Not bad for $9 huh?  She was actually purchased in a store.

Last but not least, my tent was next to a basket maker.  She had 5 grandchildren and wanted to trade.  Trade you ask?  Yes, trade. Trading has to be my FAVORITE thing about shows.  Lots of stuff doesn't cost a lot to make, but takes time.  So lots of vendors will trade for items.  I trade about $70 worth of toys for $75 worth of baskets and am in LOVE!

V likes to deshell peanuts in the peanut basket, but refuses to eat them.  They are "yuck it"

Why is it a peanut basket?  Because it is peanut shaped!!!  There is board in the middle.  You have whole peanuts on one side and put the shells on the other.  I will now eat peanuts all the time.

I also got a cookie basket!  Of course it won't keep cookies fresh, so you have to put them in a bag in the basket, but still.  ADORABLE!

I still need to figure out where to put it.  I think it needs to be displayed somewhere.

You can't have a festival without music, can you?  We were positioned RIGHT outside of the chamber of commerce and RIGHT NEXT to an acoustic music booth.  It drew large crowds at some points especially when little old men danced.  FOr real.  They were adorable.  I went a bit crazy by the end of the weekend hearing the same songs, but the little old men made it bearable.

Here are a few shots of around the festival and city.  Enjoy!

 "Cars" cars were all over...not quite sure why...

Wall art!

Our neighbors.

I saw HUNDREDS of people take a picture of this sign. It holds ZERO signifigance to the show.  It just says everyone took a picture of it.
Gorgeous sun setting on the buildings.


 What? All festivals don't have lions dancing with mustard?

Every fifteen minutes this chimed.  EVERY.FIFTEEN.MINUTES.

And...the little old guy. LOVE him.


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Diamond Candle Review! Oh...and a giveaway.

Some days I REALLY love my job.  Today would be one of those.  I got to review a Diamond Candle! I have been looking at these for PROBABLY a year now and I finally took the plunge and picked one out.  I picked out the fall scent "Pumpkin Chai."

I was a bit nervous about a candle arriving in a box. I was told that if it was broken, to let them know.  That made me nervous as well.  The box finally came and all worries were unnecessary. They pack these SUPER well.

 Yay for a recycled box!!  

The first thing I did was to search the candle to find the gold circle. The gold circle shows WHERE your ring is.  This is important. Mine was over an inch down.  I knew I was in for a long ride.

I set my candle on the mantle and lit it and settled in.  I was DETERMINED not to go wax diving early.  I WOULD have the willpower to wait it out.

When I got pregnant for the first time with Aidan I acquired the superhuman power of "smell all the things".  Over seven years later, I still smell all the things.  I was a bit scared.  When I smelled the candle, I smelled it, if that makes sense.  Normally things get a bit overpowering when this happens.

I lit the candle and noticed it had a nice spicy scent.  Not too over powering.  It took (yes, I literally timed it) 9 minutes for me to notice it when I walked by.  That isn't bad.  The scent was soon filling my house with its warm cozy aroma.

So it burned....

And burned.  FINALLY it got to the part where the top of the sticker was hitting the liquid wax. 

I quickly took the candle to the kitchen table, blew it out, and peered down into it.  It was a bit smokey, but I saw the ring.  I SAW THE RING!

The cool thing about these is that the candle is so which means it burns slower (It took almost 9 hours to reach my ring. Yes...I timed it)  ALSO, soy wax burns at a rather lower temperature, so when I reached in there with a fork and pulled out the little packet,I didn't burns my fingers!

The foil came out.  The suspense was killing me. It was HARD to stop and take pictures.  I knew that this ring was either worth $10, $100, $1,000, or $5,000. Even if it was only a $10, that means the ring was $10 and the candle was about $15.  That isn't bad!  

Here is the foil...

I opened the foil and saw another pouch.  This time a clear baggy.  I could see through that it was silver. That is good. I am not a gold girl.  White gold, yes.  Gold gold, no.

I opened the little plastic baggie and inside was this:

I was SUPER impressed. The ring is SO pretty.   It was rather light so I quickly checked for anything on the inside, nada.  So I received a $10 ring.  Still though, I like it.

Unfortunately I have chubby fingers and it fits my pinkie.  I wear an 8 on my ring finger, so this was maybe a 6?   

This will be going into V's jewelry box for in the future.  It is too big for her now, but I think she will love it!

So there you have it!  The big reveal!  NOW...the even better part.  YOU can have a reveal of your own.   I think these Diamond Candles would be AMAZING gifts this holiday season. It is like two gifts in one!  Ooohhhh....these would make fantastic hostess gifts!! I think I need to head over to their website again!

Good luck and even though it isn't on the Rafflecopter, I would LOVE to hear suggestions on which I should get next! Leave a comment below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Little Passports Subscription is on Sale!!!!

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