Thursday, October 3, 2013 Review and Giveaway!!!!

When the boys got started back to school, I knew I wanted to find something for V to do.  I wanted something educational.  V's birthday is in December, which means she misses the cut off for school by a few months.  THIS means that V will start school when she is almost 6. She is one pretty smart cookie already, but I want to keep her advanced.

Enter is a children's "Early Learning Academy". What does that mean? Starting at the age of two they have programs set up to help little ones learn.  Since V is that age, this review is going to focus on those programs.

With there is NO advertising, NO pop-up ads, and NO links to other sites.  You can rest easy when your child is playing on this site.  They will NOT be able to see anything that little eyes shouldn't see.

The name of the site refers to how children will learn educational basics (Their ABC's)  while using a computer mouse.  The mouse on the site is named ABC Mouse.  Clever, huh?

Each child gets to make their own "person" and pick their teacher. There is a "learning path" that the children follow.  Each stop on the path has 4 activities.  They vary a bit per lesson. Typically there is a puzzle, a virtual "coloring" page, a song, and one other activity. That so far has varied from another puzzle or a book.

Now,I know what you are thinking.  My child is 2. They can NOT do a puzzle.  They can.  There are varying degrees of difficulty.  For V, she is on the lowest (easiest) level.  For that level, on the puzzles, all she has to do it click the mouse on the puzzle piece. It automatically puts the piece in the correct place.  I am sure the harder you go, you would have to click and drag, but not at the lowest setting!   V is pretty handy already with computers and can click around, but clicking and dragging is still too advanced for her.


One really awesome part about this site is the instant gratification the children receive.  Even from watching/listening to a song they receive "tickets".  Once the lesson is complete the child can "buy" an item from the site.  We just bought an elephant statue.  V is very excited.  

Watch this video until the VERY end.  Seriously.


Seriously adorable, right?

Each lesson also has printables.  Say you are needing the computer, but your kiddo wants to work on something. Print out their sheet, let them color, and you have 5 minutes to answer your email!

Please forgive the horrible hair.  She was most definitely sporting the best bed head ever that morning. lol

A is for Apple.  This was from the very first day.

Other than the learning path there are more ways to explore and learn.  The first video shows V interacting with the farm. There is also a zoo, fish tank, map, featured activities.  So many ways to learn and explore!

By now I am sure you read this and thought "Oh-Em-Gee."  I need to get this.  

Well...guess what.  I am giving away and entire YEAR.  Yes.  AN ENTIRE YEAR.

So go enter now!  And be warned...I check entries. Once the giveaway is finished I will be getting in touch with the winner and giving them their code.  If they don't respond back within 24 hours I will draw another winner.  SO....make sure to check your email!

  a Rafflecopter giveaway

 I was given a subscription to facilitate the review and to be able to offer the giveaway.  Once the giveaway is finished I will be providing the winner with the code.  All opinions, pictures, and videos are 100%  my own.


  1. If I win this I will be using it with my daughters, ages 6 and 2. I'm sure they would love it!

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  3. If I win, my four children, ages 6, 5, 2, and 1, will be using this!

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