Thursday, October 24, 2013

Autumn Leaves Festival post aka I like selling my stuff aka check out the cool stuff I bought!

Most people when they hear "craft show" they think of lame quilts and potholders.  Not that those are "lame", but you know, not the coolest of cool.

I am here to prove them wrong.

I went to the Autumn Leaves Festival a few weekends ago to hock my stuff.  My friend from Candle Bravo, she makes AMAZING candles, is from Mt. Airy and told me I needed to go. I am SO glad I applied, got in, and did.  It was a fantastic weekend!  Eric has never gone to a show with me before and he really did pull his weight.

Incase you aren't aware Mt. Airy=Mayberry, so it was ALL over the place.  I forced Eric to play along.

Isn't he the cutest?  This trip also coincided with our anniversary.  Awww....9 entire years of being a Mrs. and Mr.  :)

The Autumn Leaves festival is the second weekend of October.  Unfortunately there were no autumn leaves in sight.  :(

On to the fun stuff I got.  This is by all means NOT all I got.  Just a few things.  Pumpkin butter doesn't photo well. Also, I got some holiday can't show those.

On Saturday I went to throw away a coffee cup.  Sticking up out of the trashcan I saw a picture. I looked at Eric and said "There is art in there. Go get it!"  I didn't want to reach into the trashcan.  So he looked in and found these:

A bit hard to tell from the pictures, but these are black and white photos printed on aluminum. They are GORGEOUS. We went and stuck them in the car. I never saw the guy at the show so we were all confused.  The next day we found his booth.  Eric went by, told the guy we found them, and tried to return them.  One was marked as $135.  The artist said "Yeah. I put them there." That was all.  So....we got about $200 worth of free art!!  I still need to figure out where to put them.

Then I went to go visit my friend Deitra and saw these.  I made Eric go back and get them. Just cute pictures put onto wood.  Dorthy is for me. Elvis is a Christmas gift for my Grandma. I figured it was safe to put on here.  I 89 year old probably isn't checking out my page.

 Take a WILD guess about the cost of the pictures.  If you guessed $6 each, you would be correct.

Then I saw a lady walking by with a pink bag.  In the bag I THOUGHT I saw a skeleton.  I was correct.  We discussed it, I named her Rosalita, and then I went and bought my own.  I enjoyed this one more.  She has hair.  

Meet Trixie.

Not bad for $9 huh?  She was actually purchased in a store.

Last but not least, my tent was next to a basket maker.  She had 5 grandchildren and wanted to trade.  Trade you ask?  Yes, trade. Trading has to be my FAVORITE thing about shows.  Lots of stuff doesn't cost a lot to make, but takes time.  So lots of vendors will trade for items.  I trade about $70 worth of toys for $75 worth of baskets and am in LOVE!

V likes to deshell peanuts in the peanut basket, but refuses to eat them.  They are "yuck it"

Why is it a peanut basket?  Because it is peanut shaped!!!  There is board in the middle.  You have whole peanuts on one side and put the shells on the other.  I will now eat peanuts all the time.

I also got a cookie basket!  Of course it won't keep cookies fresh, so you have to put them in a bag in the basket, but still.  ADORABLE!

I still need to figure out where to put it.  I think it needs to be displayed somewhere.

You can't have a festival without music, can you?  We were positioned RIGHT outside of the chamber of commerce and RIGHT NEXT to an acoustic music booth.  It drew large crowds at some points especially when little old men danced.  FOr real.  They were adorable.  I went a bit crazy by the end of the weekend hearing the same songs, but the little old men made it bearable.

Here are a few shots of around the festival and city.  Enjoy!

 "Cars" cars were all over...not quite sure why...

Wall art!

Our neighbors.

I saw HUNDREDS of people take a picture of this sign. It holds ZERO signifigance to the show.  It just says everyone took a picture of it.
Gorgeous sun setting on the buildings.


 What? All festivals don't have lions dancing with mustard?

Every fifteen minutes this chimed.  EVERY.FIFTEEN.MINUTES.

And...the little old guy. LOVE him.


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