Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Diamond Candle Review! Oh...and a giveaway.

Some days I REALLY love my job.  Today would be one of those.  I got to review a Diamond Candle! I have been looking at these for PROBABLY a year now and I finally took the plunge and picked one out.  I picked out the fall scent "Pumpkin Chai."

I was a bit nervous about a candle arriving in a box. I was told that if it was broken, to let them know.  That made me nervous as well.  The box finally came and all worries were unnecessary. They pack these SUPER well.

 Yay for a recycled box!!  

The first thing I did was to search the candle to find the gold circle. The gold circle shows WHERE your ring is.  This is important. Mine was over an inch down.  I knew I was in for a long ride.

I set my candle on the mantle and lit it and settled in.  I was DETERMINED not to go wax diving early.  I WOULD have the willpower to wait it out.

When I got pregnant for the first time with Aidan I acquired the superhuman power of "smell all the things".  Over seven years later, I still smell all the things.  I was a bit scared.  When I smelled the candle, I smelled it, if that makes sense.  Normally things get a bit overpowering when this happens.

I lit the candle and noticed it had a nice spicy scent.  Not too over powering.  It took (yes, I literally timed it) 9 minutes for me to notice it when I walked by.  That isn't bad.  The scent was soon filling my house with its warm cozy aroma.

So it burned....

And burned.  FINALLY it got to the part where the top of the sticker was hitting the liquid wax. 

I quickly took the candle to the kitchen table, blew it out, and peered down into it.  It was a bit smokey, but I saw the ring.  I SAW THE RING!

The cool thing about these is that the candle is so which means it burns slower (It took almost 9 hours to reach my ring. Yes...I timed it)  ALSO, soy wax burns at a rather lower temperature, so when I reached in there with a fork and pulled out the little packet,I didn't burns my fingers!

The foil came out.  The suspense was killing me. It was HARD to stop and take pictures.  I knew that this ring was either worth $10, $100, $1,000, or $5,000. Even if it was only a $10, that means the ring was $10 and the candle was about $15.  That isn't bad!  

Here is the foil...

I opened the foil and saw another pouch.  This time a clear baggy.  I could see through that it was silver. That is good. I am not a gold girl.  White gold, yes.  Gold gold, no.

I opened the little plastic baggie and inside was this:

I was SUPER impressed. The ring is SO pretty.   It was rather light so I quickly checked for anything on the inside, nada.  So I received a $10 ring.  Still though, I like it.

Unfortunately I have chubby fingers and it fits my pinkie.  I wear an 8 on my ring finger, so this was maybe a 6?   

This will be going into V's jewelry box for in the future.  It is too big for her now, but I think she will love it!

So there you have it!  The big reveal!  NOW...the even better part.  YOU can have a reveal of your own.   I think these Diamond Candles would be AMAZING gifts this holiday season. It is like two gifts in one!  Ooohhhh....these would make fantastic hostess gifts!! I think I need to head over to their website again!

Good luck and even though it isn't on the Rafflecopter, I would LOVE to hear suggestions on which I should get next! Leave a comment below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. They all look delicious!! I think that with the season, though, I would choose Caramel Apple Cider, Cinnamon Roll, or Cinnamon Tea for your next one. I bet the Pumpkin Chai smells fantastic! Nom Nom Candles!

  2. These looks amazing! I would love to try one!

  3. I love this color..... I would love to try one of these....

  4. How fun! I really want to win!!! :)

  5. Mild scents are the only thing that can happen in my house due to allergies...I think this might just be an option for me! :) Love V's new ring!

  6. What a great idea for candles! Does anyone remember the pyramid shaped candles back in the 90s (I think I got my decade right), that had crystals, charms, etc. in them as they burned down? This is definitely an upgrade.

  7. Just got my first Diamond Candle in the mail today! Well, two actually. One for me and one I'm giving for a gift. I chose to keep the cranberry chutney and it smells amazing!!! Fills the whole house up with a nice, warm, cranberry scent! The other candle I got is the carmel apple cider one, I'll give that one as a gift. Smells kind of like smoke to me. Weird I know but I have pregnant nose. Next time I would like to get the Mistletoe and Cinnamon Tea!

    1. Ever since I got pregnant with my first kid, over 8 years ago, I have had pregnant nose! I swear...if i was a superhero, that would be my ability. With now two boys in the house it isn't always the best thing! lol.

      Good luck!

  8. I have 1 of these candles and I absolutely love it.

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