Friday, October 4, 2013

Disney on Ice presents Let's Celebrate!

I had SUCH an amazing time the other night!  Disney On Ice presents Let's Celebrate! was such a great show.
Train to the show. She was on cloud 9!

The show started at 7pm and lasted until about 9pm. I was a bit scared with how late the show was, but V held her own like a champ.  She was dancing and twirling and giggling. It was amazing.

I will admit, I got teary eyed. Yep.  Seeing the joy in my children's eyes made me cry from happiness.  My kids really get to me sometimes.
Waiting patiently for the show

Opening dance scene
Disney On Ice presents Let's Celebrate! was really a fantastic celebration.  The different parts of the show had different holidays represented.  The cast celebrated: Valentines Day, Halloween, an UN-Birthday, Carnival, Mardi Gras, and Christmas.  I think that was all.  It really had something for everyone!

V LOVED the Disney Princesses of course.  

I loved the Halloween segment.  That segment did scare Nate though, so if you have a sensitive little one, watch out. I have skulls for Halloween on my fireplace, but seeing Jack Skellington skate around was a deal breaker for him.  He came back when it was done and everything was okay.

There was a brief intermission that gave V and the kids a chance to stretch their legs.  Then they traveled to numerous destinations.   They went to Hawaii and saw Lilo and Stitch. They went to China, Japan, New Orleans, Brazil...Mickey and Minnie sure travel a lot!

I think the highlight of the second part was definitely the Toy Story Christmas Celebration and finale. I thought V was going to explode from laughter when she saw Rex (the Dinosaur).

I think I need to rewatch Toy Story to be able to hear her giggles again.

Disney does NOT let you down with this show.  Disney On Ice presents Let's Celebrate! is most definitely a show I am glad I have gone to. The kids are still talking about it.  Aidan in his "I am a cool 7 year old" stage was even giggling and jumping around.  Well...the best he can in a cast!

There are still some more shows happening in Charlotte!  Head over here to purchase tickets for a truly magical night!

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