Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Patterson Farm visited!

Hey guys! So if you follow me on Instagram, and you should be, I was posting pictures and videos from Patterson Farm the other day! 

Be warned.  I got picture crazy.

Nate...about 4 feet tall.

 Aidan...a bit taller than Nate.

Shorty McShort Pants

Bowling with pumpkins.

Baseball and football throwing.

Tether ball.  I LOVE TETHER BALL!!

A chicken had an egg in the cage.  I am pretty sure one side was damaged. Poor egg.

Pumpkin TIc-Tac-Toe

Pig races. The pigs raced around a little track to get apples. It was super cute.

V found the hay maze.  Unfortunately Aidan couldn't really maneuver in it. 


V's pink pig won.  I couldn't tell you his name if I wanted to.  They were all "named" after race car drives.  The stripes on the back were how you figured out which was which.

Pig racing down, onto the playground. We went back and forth to the NUMEROUS times.   The only annoying thing was you had to keep walking the ducks back to the other side.  Nate LOVED it.

Hey look!  Something Aidan could do!  This was a horse swing made out of a tire.

I had fun with this part.   It was a corn pit.  Like a sand box, but corn.  So Nate made a corn angel.

We covered him in corn.

Corn feet!

Even Aidan got to play in the corn!

Next up, giant tires.


Coloring coop.  There were lots of chalkboards...and stinkbugs.

Please, let us not forget to get our "mustache on"

Cutest piggie EVER.

Rope "spider web"  Nate literally ran across it the first time.  I think his OT works.  lol

We took the "hay" ride to the pumpkin patch.  It was just really a tractor ride.  On the way there we saw llamas, tomatoes,and pigs.

PUMPKINS!!!!  The pumpkins were, I believe $0.49 / pound. Since I have three kids that can get pricey.  So we opted NOT to get one on the ride.  After you get back to the marketplace they have small ones for $3each. I got 3 of those.  I knew if I picked one out here...I would have to get 3 and they were all pretty big.

Eric should know by now that if you act goofy, I will take your picture, and I will post it.

The ride lets you off RIGHT at the icecream as well. The kids got birthday cake with sprinkles.  I got pumpkin. GET THE PUMPKIN. It tastes JUST like pumpkin pie. Seriously.  GET THE PUMPKIN ICECREAM.

All in all it was an AMAZING day.  We did not do the maze due to Aidan and the chair. 

So, if you want to have an awesome family fun day, like me.  Head on over to Patterson FarmMake sure to click this little link right HERE for a $2 off coupon first!

I am being provided with tickets to Patterson Farm through US Family Blogger in exchange for my honest opinion.  Regardless, all opinions are 100% my own.


  1. Wonderful pictures! <3 And beautiful curls! The boys don't have them? I love fall fests, but Camilla was overwhelmed last time and had a major breakdown. Oh well, we'll try it again tomorrow, thanks for the best weather ever. Thanks for posting!

    1. Thanks so much! Not sure why I never saw this comment until now. Nate, the middle kiddo, did have some curls. He probably lost them around the age of 3. Nothing to the extent of V though. Her hair is fabulous isn't it?

      I really like this farm because it ISN'T overwhelming. THere is lots of open areas to just breathe. I hope you had a blast!