Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Spidey is watching over you! 3D Deco Lights review!

The boys have always been good about the dark. Nothing ever really seemed to worry them.  We always had a light in the bathroom, for obvious reasons, but that was it.  Then a few months ago Nate started being "scared of the dark".  I am not really sure if he is, but I went out anyway and got a couple of those plug into the socket ones.

Still...he claimed to be scared.

Enter....3D Deco Lights.

The product is just what it sounds like.  A 3D decorative light.  We got Spiderman and truth be told, I wanted to keep him in my room.

So here is the Spiderman Deco Light

 The 3D Deco lights are cordless, you do NOT need to change the bulbs, and they don't get hot!

As you can see this is super cool.  So cool, that kids might think they are toys.  They aren't.  Make sure not to mount yours where kids can get to it!

3D Deco lights come in many shapes and styles.  They have Marvel, butterflies, cars, sports, and coming soon Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles.

Installation was a breeze.  I say this, because Eric did it.  I watched though.  It wasn't hard.

First thing you do is apply the vinyl sticker where you want the light to be positioned.  You only get ONE sticker.  Don't mess up!  (If you ever paint or move you can buy additional placement stickers from the website)

Here is the crack sticker in place.  It shows exactly where to put the screws.  You have to drill, insert those plastic bits in the wall,and then put the screws in.

 Next you slide the light on the screws hooking them into the holes on the back.

Then you sit back and admire your, or your husbands, handiwork!

The cool thing about Spiderman is that it has TWO light settings. The first one is just the eyes.  This gives it a bit of light. It doesn't make the whole room light up, but gives it a smidge.

The second level is the entire head. This GLOWS.  It is pretty darn awesome.

Seriously though, you need to see it in the dark to appreciate it.

HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!?!?! I mean REALLY.  That is pretty darn cool. In the Marvel line they also have Spiderman's hand (it glows where the web comes out), Thors Hammer, Ironman Mask and Hand, Captain America Shield, and Hulks fist.

I like how Spidey is always watching over them. As an added bonus, Nate hasn't been "scared" since we got him!

I received the light from3D Light FX in exchange for my review. All opinions are 100% honest and pictures are my own.  Don't steal them,yo!

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