Friday, October 18, 2013

WakaWaka Power review

With craft season in full swing I am at shows for LONG days. Last weekend I did the Autumn Leaves Festival and that was two twelve hour days and one six hour day.  True, I had a chance to charge my phone at night and had power for the show, but what if I didn't.  Most shows you DON'T have access to power. Since I got my iPhone last year my phone is a necessity for shows.  I use a Square and that takes in about half of my sales normally. If I don't have a charged phone...I am out of luck.

So I did some research. I wanted something that would easily charge my phone and that I would feel comfortable using.  In my research I ran across this:

WakaWaka Power is a solar powered charger and flash light in one.  The charger will power anything that uses a USB cord for power.   First thing you need to do it put it in the sun for 8 hours and charge it up! 

This is the entire unit.  That is NOT my phone in it. The black part is the solar panel.

Charging at a show.
This charger is not only handy, it is also a GREAT conversation piece.  I was answering questions left and right that day about it.  I was told that I should sell them too.  lol. What do you say WakaWaka?  Need a new salesperson?

So...after charging this you just plug in your device and you can charge your phone in about two hours!   Another awesome feature this has is the flashlight.  It has a few different settings for the flashlight.  If you have it at 100% output it will last about 20+ hours on a full charge.  If you only do a 25% output it will last over 100 hours per charge.   That is over 4 days.  Four days of light on one charge.  Not sure when you would need it for that long, but it is amazing!

The lights on it are STRONG as well.  This isn't a wimpy light. Here is the proof:
 This was taken in the downstairs bathroom.  It was pitch black.  Once the light was turned on you could see the color of the walls.  The entire room was lit up. Awesome, right?  I have kept mine in my purse at all times.  Who knows when you will need a flashlight?  Or what if the car broke down and my phone was dead?  I have a tendency to forget to plug it in.  With this as long as I have a USB cord with me I am golden.  I always have that in the car!

So, not only is this an amazing item to own, they are also an amazing company!   During their Kickstarter campaign they did a buy one, we send one to Haiti.  They sent 10,000 WakaWaka's to Haiti!  That is light for roughly 50,000 people!  

Starting November 25th they are doing the same for Syria.    For every one WakaWaka Power purchased in the US and Canada they are sending one to Syria.  Amazing right? They are really giving back.  This year it isn't only Syria that wins though.   If you purchase 2 WakaWaka Powers they are sending TWO to Syria and you get one free as well!  This would be AMAZING for holiday gift giving.  I know my husband has been trying to steal mine.

Not sure if you noticed in the logo picture, but on the back there is a big button. That is the power button.  When you spread open the base there is a hole.  What is the hole for you ask?

Standing up your charger! Totally awesome.

If you are looking for a unique USEFUL gift for this holiday season, look no further than here.  WakaWaka Power is the way to go.  Super useful on SO many levels and so GREEN!!  YAY SOLAR ENERGY!!

I was given a WakaWaka Power in exchange for my review.  All opinions and photos are my own.  I only give my honest review.  If you have any questions, just ask!

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