Sunday, November 10, 2013

FlattenMe: ABC & 123 Book review

Growing up I had all the personalized things.  I had the pencils with my name, license plate for my bike, coffee mugs, name it and I probably had it.  It isn't hard to find stuff with my name on it.  Sarah is pretty darn common.

Then you have my sister, Janae.

She got the "daughter" cups and stuff like that.  You can't find anything with her name.

So when I had kids I thought about that.  Then I spelled Aidan with an "a". You can only find stuff with an "e". (Aiden)  You would think that "Nate" would be easy to find, right?  WRONG.  You can find Nathaniel (we spell it Nathanial).  You can find Nathan.  We don't call him that.  He has never been, and will never be, Nathan.   Then we had V.  Lots of the time you can't even find stuff with the letter on it!

I have seen these books popping up around social media sites and I had to check them out.

FlattenMe is an AWESOME site that lets you personalize books, water bottles, shirts, cards, and wall art!

They have two different types of books. Books that require pictures and books that you just personalize it with their name. I have seen lots of reviews of "Owl Always Love You" and I was actually going to get this one. I think it is adorable and since you just personalize the name,it can be a timeless book to treasure.  Then I saw, ABC & 123 and I KNEW that was the one I needed.  It has fantastic graphics!

I had an adorable picture of V, she was actually SMILING so I sent in that one. 

I was a bit hesitant to send in this picture, because of all the stuff around her and she has some goo on her face. I crossed my fingers and sent it in.

While I was waiting on the order, I could easily track it on their site.  I knew exactly where it was in the process. It was very quick to ship!  I was super impressed with it.

When it came in the mail and I took it out of the box I LITERALLY squealed.  Then I hid the book from V.  She actually hasn't seen it yet.  Her birthday is in a few weeks and I am going to save it for that. I had every intention of giving it to her when it came in, but this is so adorable, it needs to be a special gift. Plus, with how fantastic it is I am scared the boys will get crazy jealous.  If it is a "birthday gift" they can't get mad.

As I said, I was nervous about the goo and stuff behind her, but they did an AMAZING job.  I guess her little face was airbrushed a bit.  It was nice and flawless.  They even did a great job of retaining her curls!

I pretty much picked out this book for this page.  She LOVES horses.

I also really love how they personalize the book in not only the inclusion of the picture, but also in the writing.

Poor sad Unicorn!  I am glad V is showing him the way!  Way to save the unicorn, V!


The book I got starts at $29.95 for a paperback and $39.95 for a Keepsake Hardcover (that is what is pictured here)

Shipping is $3.99 for flat shipping and when you go on the site to order it gives you an estimated arrival day. I am writing this on November 10th, and it is telling me that if I order now I can expect my book on the 19th!

Right now FlattenMe is hosting a giveaway on Facebook.  You can enter HERE. There are going to be 33 winners.  Yes.  You read that right...THIRTY THREE WINNERS.  3 gift certificates,10 water bottles, 10 t-shirts, and 10 sets of cards!  So head over there and enter! The contest is over at the end of November!

I received this book in compensation for my review.  Even though, all opinions are my own.


  1. Awww! that is absolutely adorable! perfect picture!

    1. Thank you so much! I am super excited to give her this!