Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Halloween letters and Shop Local!

I really have no clue where to start with this or even what title to give the post. One of my FAVORITE things about holidays is the after holiday sales.    I live for it. Especially Halloween. I am a Halloween JUNKIE, but being a mom of three and a one income household, I try to not go crazy and I just buy decorations after the season. Well...I at least TRY to.

So last week I go to Target with the shortest in tow and we hit up Starbucks.  While there I decide to checkout the after Halloween sale and pickup stuff super cheap. Then I get home and see this article linked on Facebook.  I will wait while you read.  It might take a while.  COME BACK HERE THOUGH!!!

If you clicked over, saw the length, and said "WHATEVER!!!  I am not reading that!" let me give you the Cliff Notes version.  Lady goes to K-Mart in 2011.  Buys cheap styrofoam graves for about $30.  Opens package.  A letter from a CHINESE WORK CAMP falls out and life is changed.

The letter goes on and discusses life in the work camp, the horrible conditions, etc.  It takes the guy up to THREE DAYS to write out each letter. He has to hide the pen in the hollow part of his bed and write it every night on stolen paper after people go to sleep.  He mailed out 20.  Only one, that we know of, made it out.  Seriously.  Now go read it.

So this got me thinking.  Like REALLY thinking.  It hurts my heart to think this is going on.  Apparently that camp is being shut down, but how many are there?  How many poor people are imprisoned and working so I can have a skeleton hanging outside. Or so I can have a plastic turkey?

Being a small business owner myself, BumbleFly~N~ButterBees, I try to make or shop local for gifts.  I like giving back to the local artists, or just other artists in general.  

I know this isn't feasable for EVERYTHING.  Some stuff, you buy.    I mean, I REALLY love to shop.  I love browsing.  I especially love gift shopping. Last year I bought ALL of the kids gifts and gifts for my husband from my own money from sales in my shop.

I think this article just put into perspective for me that some things just aren't worth it.  I think I am going to be making more decorations in the future.  I think I am going to be really looking at items and thinking things through a bit more before they go in my buggy. I think I need to be more socially responsible.

(And I am FULLY aware that I review things on my page.  The items I review though are my choice.  I would not ever review anything that I did not think was worth it.  Everything I review is used and loved. )  

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